9 Orange is the New Black Discussion Questions

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Are you looking for Orange Is the New Black discussion questions? Do you want to consider the social issues present in the book?

These Orange Is the New Black discussion questions evaluate privilege, power imbalance, and inequality. You can use them to launch a discussion about issues in society and the prison system.

Check out these Orange Is the New Black discussion questions.

Orange Is the New Black Discussion Questions

Use these questions to examine your own privilege and other issues in the book.

Examine Your Privilege

Think about how your advantages in life might affect your thinking with these discussion questions.

  1. Do you have privileges or advantages in life that others might lack? Briefly describe them.

2. Have these privileges ever made it difficult for you to understand or empathize with the life experiences of others? Describe the situation.

3. What can you do in the future to be more aware of how your advantages might bias or impact your worldview and interactions with others?

These Orange is the New Black book club questions can help you evaluate themes in the book.

Address Power Inequality

Think about how power disparities affect relationships using these Orange is the New Black book club questions.

  1. Have you ever been in a situation where someone in a position of authority or power took advantage of you? Briefly describe what happened.

2. How did you react to this situation? 

What do you think society as a whole can do to protect individuals and groups that are particularly vulnerable to abuses of power? 

End-of-Book Orange Is the New Black Discussion Questions

Think about the main takeaways from Orange Is the New Black.

  1. How do you think the criminal justice system should balance punishment vs. rehabilitation?

2. What were some of the major systemic failures of the prison system, as Piper saw them?

3. Describe the roadblocks that most prisoners face that inhibit them from leading law-abiding and productive lives after release. What improvements do you think could be made to alleviate this situation?

9 Orange is the New Black Discussion Questions

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