Creating an Email Nurture Campaign: 5 Steps

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What is a nurture campaign? How can you create nurturing email campaigns and how do they work?

A nurture campaign is an email campaign that offers a series of emails to customers about your brand. In your nurture campaign, you’ll send a series of emails: three nurturing ones and a fourth one that is a call to action.

Keep reading to find out how to create a nurture campaign and write nurturing emails.

Create a Nurture Campaign

A nurturing email campaign is a series of emails that offer valuable information related to your brand. The goal of a nurturing campaign isn’t to get people to buy; it’s to create reciprocity and trust, and to establish authority. Once in a while during the campaign, you can remind people what you offer and ask for a sale.

Typically in a nurturing email campaign, emails go out once a week. The first three emails are nurturing—they share information—and the fourth is a call to action. Then, the pattern repeats.

The Nurturing Email

To create the nurturing email, follow the formula below and use the ideas and content you came up with in your brandscript:

  1. Bring up a problem.
  2. Lay out a plan for fixing the problem.
  3. Explain how life will be improved after the problem is fixed.
  4. Include a P.S. because if people read any part of your email, it’s this part.
  5. Put your logline and contact information in the email signature so that if anyone does want to buy from you at this early stage, they have all the information they need.

Shortform Example 

Email Subject: The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Dear [customer name],

There are so many good chocolate chip recipes out there—which to try first? (1) Here at Yummy Cooking Store, our staff has tested over fifty chocolate chip recipes and we’d like to share our favorite with you (2):


We’re sure you, your friends, and your family will love these cookies! (3)

Happy baking!


Yummy Cooking Store

We equip amateur bakers with the tools they need to pull off even the toughest recipes and impress their family and friends. (5)

P.S. Next time you’re in our neck of the woods, pop into the store and tell us about your favorite dessert—we have recipe recommendations for everything! (4)

Email nurturing is an effective way to convert customers. Make sure that when you’re using email nurturing, you follow the formula.

Creating an Email Nurture Campaign: 5 Steps

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