Never Binge Again: Practice Exercises From the Book

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Have you read Never Binge Again and want to apply the advice to your life? How can these exercises help you to stop bingeing?

In his book Never Binge Again, Dr. Glenn Livingston provides insight into how to stop binge eating. He suggests creating a food plan and sticking to it adamantly—no cheat meals allowed.

Below are exercises from the book that will help you assess and kick your bad habits.

Never Binge Again Exercises

Do you have a behavior that you rationally know is better for you, but find it too hard to maintain? Do you want to lose weight; stop using social media; exercise more; work harder and longer? Do you feel your self-destructive indulgent self feels so powerful you can’t stop it?

Never Binge Again presents a wonderful mental framework to help solve these problems. It’s directed toward binge-eating and weight loss, but the concepts are easily analogized to any other impulse or addiction you want to control.

Here are some exercises to help you use the Never Binge Again methods in your own life:

Recognize Your Pig

Confront your inner Pig to know what you need to defeat.

  • What does your Pig want to do that you disagree with? 
  • What is a Pig Squeal that tries to convince you to fall back into bad habits? 
  • The Pig is a part of you that deserves no patience or tolerance. It needs to be caged. Do you think you can view the Pig this way? If not, what’s preventing you?

Develop Your Food Plan

Create a Food Plan that works for you.

  • What are your Never foods or behaviors? These are things you never, ever want to do again, for the rest of your life.
  • What are your Always foods or behaviors? These are things you want to commit to doing.
  • Think about one of the items on your Never list. What do you gain by following your Never rule?

Never Binge Again

Commit to your decision not to binge again.

  • What tips struck you as the most helpful?
  • What hesitations do you have about the idea of never binging again?
  • Do you recognize those concerns as your Pig squealing? Why do you think those hesitations are invalid?
Never Binge Again: Practice Exercises From the Book

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