How Regenerative Agriculture Practices May Affect Farming

Farmland representing the change to regenerative agricultural practices

What is regenerative agriculture? Why is it crucial for the future of farming? What challenges exist in shifting to regenerative farming practices? In September 2023, leading food and beverage companies came together with farmers, academics, and NGOs to establish the first industrywide definition of regenerative agriculture. Regenerative farming can mitigate the environmental and health impacts of traditional farming methods in multiple ways. Keep reading to learn about regenerative agriculture practices and the ways they help the environment.

Bobby Lee’s Hot Dog Business: Million-Dollar Idea in the Making

A hot dog with ketchup on it in the foreground of a baseball stadium.

What is Bobby Lee’s hot dog business concept? What’s his comedic idea of an ideal restaurant? Not content with merely capturing ears, Andrew Santino and Bobby Lee venture into the gustatory realm on a new episode of Bad Friends. They dive into hot dog-inspired enterprises while keeping their comedic brand front and center. Take a look at Lee’s pitch for a hot dog plan to take over the restaurant industry.

The US Dairy Industry Is Declining—Here’s Why

Dairy milk being poured into a cereal bowl on a kitchen table

Why is the dairy industry declining in the United States? How are plant-based milk alternatives impacting the dairy industry? What changes are on the horizon for the dairy industry and farmers? The American dairy industry is facing an unprecedented decline, with milk consumption at an all-time low. Shifting dietary preferences, a growing concern for health and the environment, and government policies are fueling the decline and worsening American dairy farmers’ woes. Keep reading for an insightful look into the US dairy industry.

Layne Norton’s Dieting Advice: Customize Your Own Plan

A bowl of healthy food as part of Layne Norton's diet.

What’s Layne Norton’s advice for those on a diet? What’s the best app to keep track of your dieting journey? Navigating the vast amount of health information available online can be daunting. In 2 Bears, 1 Cave’s discussion about diets, Layne Norton addresses the challenges individuals face in deciphering health advice from both the internet and scientific studies. Below you’ll learn how to customize your own diet based on your needs.

Why Is Food Important? (Julia Louis-Dreyfus & Ruth Reichl)

A long table with plates of food, showing why food is important.

Why is food important for culture and self-image? Is food a villain that you’ll constantly have to battle for the rest of your life? On Wiser Than Me, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Ruth Reichl assure viewers that food shouldn’t be a bad thing. Despite many people’s fear of overeating or stressing about body image, food connects people and ignites joy in those who are suffering. Continue reading to learn more about the importance of food beyond nutrition.

What Is a Food Critic? Reviewing Food for a Living

A food critic holding a glass of wine and sitting in front of a plate of food at a restaurant..

What is a food critic? What’s it like to work at Condé Nest? Ruth Reichl, a renowned American chef, food writer, and editor, has made significant contributions to the fields of food criticism and editorial work. On Wiser Than Me, Reichl unveils what it takes to be a food critic and the advice that helped propel her career. If you’re considering going into a career in food criticism, read more.

Why Are Groceries Getting So Expensive?

A woman in a grocery store holding bread and contemplating why groceries are so expensive

Why are groceries getting so expensive, despite inflation going down? What role does greed play? How is the government responding? Surging grocery store prices have left American families paying an average of 25% more for food since the pandemic’s onset. Lower-income families are disproportionately affected. Factors fueling the price hikes include supply chain struggles, corporate profiteering, and the war in Ukraine. Continue reading for more insights into the rising cost of groceries.