Meditation 101: The Beginner’s Guide

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Do you need a meditation 101 guide to help you learn the basics of meditation? Did you know that meditation has a number of benefits such as relieving stress, strengthening intuition, improving your mood, and so much more?

Meditation is at once simple and hard. Sitting still and thinking about nothing is harder than it seems, which is why it’s called a meditation practice. This meditation 101 guide explains how to connect to Source Energy to get into top mental and spiritual shape.

Continue reading this meditation 101 guide to learn how you can improve your quality of life.

Meditation 101: Tapping Into Source Energy

This meditation 101 guide explains how to connect to Source Energy to get into top mental and spiritual shape. When you’re connected to Source Energy, you can create your new reality. 

The goal of this meditation 101 guide is to quiet your mind of all the chatter so you can connect to Source Energy and hear your inner guidance. Meditation is at once simple and hard. Sitting still and thinking about nothing is harder than it seems, which is why it’s called a meditation practice

The first meditation 101 tip is to start small and work your way up — five minutes is sufficient at the beginning. There are no rules or set ways to meditate, but doing it will drastically improve your life because it connects you to Source Energy (“The Zone” or the “Vortex”).

Meditation will bring you into the present moment. raise your frequency, open you up to receive unlimited information and ideas, relax you, relieve stress, strengthen intuition and focus, let you hear your inner voice more clearly, fill you with light and love, put you in a good mood, and help you love yourself.

Not every meditation session will be profound. You may have enlightening experiences or you may fall asleep. The important thing is to keep doing it. Even if you only reach the Zone for a minute, it will eventually start making a difference in your life.

In the age of always-available technology and distraction as a way of life, mediation is even more important. It’s a break from the madness and chaos. 

Meditation 101 is quite simple: sit in a comfortable cross-legged position; hands on knees or in lap. Sit up straight; relax your face, jawline and forehead. Close your eyes (or keep them open, gazing at a spot on the ground). Focus on your breathing. Release any thoughts that come into your brain and focus back on breathing. Keep your mind as clear and empty as possible; listen for flashes of intuition.

Meditation Suggestions

These ideas may prove helpful as you learn to practice meditation.

  • Set a timer so as not to distract yourself by checking a clock.
  • Light a candle and focus on it. A focal point can help you get centered.
  • Imagine a beam of light coming from the sky and going through you from your head through your entire body, then back up to the sky again (full circle). This can help you feel more energy and light and more deeply connect you to Source Energy.
  • Use a mantra. This can help you chase out unwelcome thoughts.
  • Do it first thing in the morning. The day’s activities can distract you.
  • Set an intention. Meditating is about receiving information from The Universe, as opposed to prayer, which is sending information out to The Universe. You can start with your intention and see if any answers come to you while you meditate. Or you can meditate first, opening up the channels and clearing out the chatter; then ask your question and see if anything comes to you.
  • Consider guided meditation. Many books and videos are out there aiming to walk you through meditation. These can be helpful when you’re just starting out and having trouble chasing out unwelcome thoughts.
  • Chanting is also a way to get into a meditative state. Chanting means repeating a mantra over and over out loud, by yourself or in a group class.
  • Transcendental meditation instruction may also be helpful; this involves repeating mantras and sitting twice a day for a set period of time.
Meditation 101: The Beginner’s Guide

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