Universal Mind: How to Harness the Power of the Universe

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What is universal mind, and how can you use it to better your life and the world?

The universal mind theory is the theory that everything we do is governed by an overarching Law of Attraction power. The Universal Mind can be used to help you improve the way you use the Law of Attraction, while also benefitting the world as a whole.

Understanding Universal Mind Theory

Understanding that every person and everything in life is governed by the same Law of Attraction, the One Universal Mind, helps to strengthen the community and the world. We are all connected as part of the Universal Mind. Although we feel separate from each other, the Universal Mind is the umbrella over all of us.

The Universal Mind is everywhere, encompassing all knowledge, wisdom, and goodness at the same time. In short, it is perfection. Because of this all-encompassing connection, every possibility capable of existing already does.

Believing that the world is every person for themselves deviates from that Universal Mind. Conflict, competition, rage, and hate all stem from the belief that you are separate from everyone else. When you believe you are separate, you create negative emotions and a negative environment around you. Fear is the basis of nearly all negative emotions. 

  • For example, when you feel the need to compete with another, those thoughts stem from an ideology of lack. You are afraid there is a finite supply of this or that for a finite number of people. 
  • Even if you think you have won, you never truly win when you compete.
  • Your thoughts of limitation and lack will attract other people and circumstances with whom or in which you must compete. You are on the lack frequency, and experiences that mirror lack will continue to show up in your world.

There is more than enough for everyone, as the Universal Mind holds all possibilities for all people. You don’t need to compete. All you have to do is ask, believe, and receive.

How to Change the World With the Universal Mind

Now that you know all things in life are governed by the Universal Mind, you can use that knowledge to call forth things into the world to improve the world.

All information and understanding, all innovations, and all inventions for the future exist within the Universal Mind as possibilities. What could be different in the world? If you look around, do you see a need for something? Do you find yourself thinking, “Life would be so much better if we had a [fill in the blank]”? 

Let’s say you live in a community where public transportation is not an option. You see your fellow community members struggling because they’re not mobile. You find yourself wishing there was a system to bring the advantages of city life to the outskirts. 

  • Use your imagination to bring your idea to fruition.
  • Your job is not to come up with a prototype of the system in your mind or determine how you would get funding or manufacturers to support it. You simply have to think of the need, picture the solution, and believe it can be fulfilled. The possibility of your idea already exists as soon as you think it. 
  • The Universal Mind will figure out the what and how and bring it to you

(Shortform note: This idea may seem simple and farfetched, but remember your instincts are the universe’s way of inspiring you to receive what you’ve attracted to your life. If you really want to invent or fix something, there will be work to do, but that work will be inspired action if you trust the Universal Mind.)

There is a never-ending quantity of ideas within the Universal Mind waiting for you to discover and draw out. If you want to help solve the world’s problems, believe you can, and you will.

You must love yourself before you can bring love to you. When you don’t love yourself, it is impossible to feel good. But negativity cannot exist in a body full of love. 

Believe you are worthy of all the good things life has to offer. There is no time or size limit for the Law of Attraction. Anything your heart desires can be yours. A future where you have it already exists. Your future self exists as a possibility in the universe. Use your power of creation to call if forth. 

Start small, attracting things you believe are possible. Once you see the Law of Attraction at work, you will have more faith. The stronger your faith, the stronger your ability to attract. You are the master of your own universe. Create the life you want, and be happy because you deserve it. 

The universal mind theory explains the idea of connectivity, and how you can work together as part of a larger system to enact change. The Law of Attraction works by harnessing your individual power, and Universal Mind heightens that power.

Universal Mind: How to Harness the Power of the Universe

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