The Kiss Close PUA Tactic: How Style Mastered it

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What is the kiss close PUA tactic? How do kiss close routines work, and why was it important for Style to learn it?

A kiss close in PUA culture is a type of technique Style learned as a PUA. A kiss close means that the pickup has been successful, and has moved on to physical intimacy.

Style Learns About the Kiss Close PUA Tactic

From an early age, Mystery had wanted to be a famous magician. He spent his teenage years honing his craft, but, when he turned 21 and was still a virgin, he realized that his obsessive focus on magic had kept him from meeting women.

Mystery didn’t know that the seduction community existed, so he conducted his own research. He studied women and their reactions when he tried to hit on them. Over 10 years, Mystery pieced together the principles of social interaction and the patterns of male-female dynamics.

Mystery developed techniques that incorporated magic with the lessons he’d learned. His strategy—which he dubbed the Mystery Method—broke down into these steps: 

Once you get three IOIs, try to get her to kiss you by saying, “Would you like to kiss me?” This question is fool-proof: If she says, “yes,” you get a kiss (this is called a kiss close PUA tactic). If she says, “maybe,” you can say, “let’s find out,” and go in for a kiss. If she says, “no,” then you can deflect and say that you weren’t asking for one.

Style Learns to This Technique

Prior to Mystery’s workshop, Style had gone out every night to practice seduction. He’d mastered a routine that consistently helped him number-close—but his pickups never went any further. 

Style had to get out of his head and get over his nerves in order to attempt a kiss close for PUA. 

Style’s impressive success on the first night of the workshop gave him a confidence boost. But when he met the woman at a cafe a few days later, he couldn’t shake his anxiety. Despite her indicators of interest (IOIs), Style couldn’t bring himself to use kiss close routines.

To Pick Up a Woman, Be Willing to Lose Her

As Style watched Mystery’s pickups, Style realized what he was missing: He had to be willing to lose a woman in order to make moves bold enough to get her. 

Mystery had made a strategically impressive pickup on the first night of the workshop, and now he was sitting with the woman at a cafe and trying to figure out how he could get her to have sex with him. 

Mystery claimed he’d had a haircut earlier in the day and that he needed to take a bath, offering for the woman to come and help him wash up. The woman, who had a boyfriend, declined. 

Seemingly unperturbed, Mystery said goodbye and bluffed as if he was about to leave. The woman looked deflated. 

Mystery took a few steps, then turned and told her he was going to take a bath at a nearby hotel instead of going back to Marko’s apartment. He repeated his offer for her to join him—if not, he said, he’d email her in a couple weeks when he was back home in Canada. 

The woman paused briefly, and then she joined him. 

Overcoming the Hump

After returning home from Belgrade, Style posted a call for advice on how to kiss close in PUA tactics on Mystery’s Lounge, an invite-only online seduction message board. Top pickup artists (PUAs) logged onto Mystery’s Lounge to exchange stories, strategies, and sometimes photos and videos. 

Style got a range of responses:

  • Follow the three-second rule: Let the conversation stall and look her in the eyes. If she holds your gaze for three seconds, she wants to kiss. 
  • Have her pick you up for the date and invite her into the house for a few minutes to establish some comfort there. At the end of the night, invite her back to your house, offer a drink, and entertain her for a while. Have her sit on your lap as you show her something on your computer. Kiss her on the cheek, and usually she’ll turn around and kiss you—if she doesn’t, wait a few minutes and try again. 
  • Invite the woman into your house at the end of the date, and ask for a massage for your sore muscles. As she massages, critique her and insist on showing her how to do it. Start by massaging her back, then tell her that you feel tension in her legs and that you give your friends great leg massages. Massage her legs, and then tell her that her pants are in the way. After she takes her pants off, continue massaging as you gradually work your way up her legs. Presumably, she’ll then consent to having sex. 
  • Get rid of your fear of rejection by convincing yourself that you don’t care about the woman. Think of her as practice so that the stakes are low if you fail. Do something brazen, like telling her to stick her tongue out and then sucking on it. If she gets upset, you both come away with a story to tell at parties. 

Style took pieces of advice from the various posts and developed his own, fool-proof routine: 

  1. Compliment how she smells. Explain that animals smell each other before they mate, and that humans are wired to become aroused when someone else smells them.
  2. Slide your hand up the back of her neck, grab her hair, and pull it. Explain that when lions mate, they bite each other’s mane. 
  3. Take her arm and bite the inside of her elbow in an erotic way. Explain that this is one of the most sensitive areas of the body.
  4. Tell her to bite your neck. If she hesitates, turn away for a few seconds (cat-string theory). Then turn back and tell her again; most likely, she’ll do it. 
  5. Critique her bite, then pull her hair to the side and bite her neck. Afterward, tell her to try again. 
  6. Tell her that the second bite was better. Then, kiss her. 
  7. Invite her back to your house at the end of the date. Show her something on your computer, and have her sit on your lap. Kiss the back of her neck until she turns around and kisses you. 

Just one successful night with his new kiss close routine pushed Style past his mental block. 

Learning the kiss close PUA tactic was a challenge for Style, and tested his confidence. The kiss close PUA technique was one part of the PUA community that Style didn’t excel in, and it required some practice.

The Kiss Close PUA Tactic: How Style Mastered it

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