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How did Kenny Loggins write his greatest hits? What are Loggins’ favorite collaborations he’s done over the years?

In the 1970s, Kenny Loggins collaborated with many famous musicians that he fondly looks back on. He discusses these duets and his songwriting techniques on an episode of the Fly on the Wall podcast with Dana Carvey and David Spade. 

Read below for more on Kenny Loggins’ career in the 1970s, which was when his career started to take off.

Kenny Loggins’s Techniques and Trepidations

Looking back on his career in the 1970s, Kenny Loggins discusses his songwriting techniques on the podcast, with a particular focus on the complexity and depth added to songs through their bridges, citing The Beatles’s song “A Day in the Life” as a key example. He expresses his preference for composing on the piano, attributing it to the instrument’s versatility.

In a detailed account of a collaborative session with Michael McDonald and David Foster, he describes how they were situated in separate rooms, McDonald handling the verses and Foster the choruses, to accommodate their distinctive techniques during the recording of a particular track.

Kenny Loggins’s Legendary Duets and Influences

The discussion touches upon Loggins’s musical contemporaries in the 1970s, with special mention of the camaraderie and influence of artists such as James Taylor, demonstrating the interconnectedness and mutual impact of musicians during that era. 

A notable addition is the detailed account of Loggins’s collaboration with Stevie Nicks on “Whenever I Call You Friend,” which occurred under constrained timing and required a strict recording session to capture the perfect take within their limited schedule. 

His musical style, heavily influenced by the complex layering of harmonies by The Beach Boys, is also highlighted, portraying the depth of his artistry and collaborative spirit.


The podcast episode delves into the artistry and techniques of songwriting in the 1970s music industry, with a focus on musician Kenny Loggins. To fully grasp the content, it is beneficial to have background knowledge of this era and familiarity with popular musicians like The Beatles, James Taylor, Stevie Nicks, and The Beach Boys. Understanding songwriting techniques such as the use of bridges and the role of different instruments in composition would also enhance comprehension.

The themes explored in this podcast include the importance of collaboration and partnerships in the music industry, as well as the influence and impact musicians have on each other. Collaborative sessions involving Loggins and notable artists like Michael McDonald, David Foster, and Stevie Nicks are discussed to highlight how working together can shape songs and albums. 

Looking beyond this specific article’s scope, potential extensions could involve analyzing how songwriting techniques have evolved over time or examining how collaborations contribute to a song’s success. Furthermore, exploring the influence of specific musicians on the broader music industry could provide valuable insights.

Kenny Loggins in the 1970s: His Style, Techniques, & Collabs

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