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Why are Republicans calling for the impeachment of Joe Biden? Is there a chance President Biden could be impeached?

During a recent podcast episode of The Daily, Michael Barbaro focuses on Kevin McCarthy’s unexpected call for an impeachment investigation against President Joe Biden. McCarthy presented allegations at a press conference, largely directing them at Biden’s son’s questionable foreign activities, hinting at Biden’s potential involvement.

Let’s see if McCarthy has a valid reason for Biden’s impeachment.

The Call for Impeachment Against President Biden

The media portrayed McCarthy’s strong opposition against Biden positively among House Republicans, which helped quell criticisms from the party’s far-right elements. A strategic attempt to placate influential far-right figures like Matt Gaetz has been noted. 

In the absence of concrete evidence, McCarthy insists on pushing forward with investigating a possible impeachment of Joe Biden. 

The initiation of the impeachment investigation not only didn’t bring significant changes in scrutinizing the Bidens, but it also provided Republicans a stronger legal base. This eliminated the need to generate legislative pretexts and provided stronger grounds for prosecution if the Bidens were to challenge their initiatives.

Intraparty Pressures Shaping McCarthy’s Decision

Significant internal tensions within the Republican Party influenced McCarthy’s call for an impeachment inquiry.

McCarthy saw the impeachment inquiry as a strategy to reaffirm his position in the face of potential government shutdown and escalating criticisms, especially from Congressman Matt Gaetz.

The Strategy of Bolstering Standing

Co-guest Luke Broadwater discerned McCarthy’s reasons to back the impeachment inquiry as a measure to strengthen his political standing amidst rising political pressure. 

Broadwater likens initiating an impeachment inquiry to a freefall from an aircraft, thus underscoring the seriousness of the commitment. 

McCarthy used the impeachment inquiry strategically as a tool against government gridlock. However, the inquiry also had political offshoots – it was a means of settling old grudges over Trump’s impeachments, creating a sense of parity in corruption charges between Trump and Biden. Furthermore, it turned into a potential tool to unearth damaging evidence against the Bidens.

Predicted Impacts on the Republican Party

While the initiation of the investigation has not yet led to substantial changes, it gives Republicans a stronger legal mandate for their investigation. 

However, the lack of concrete evidence supporting McCarthy’s impeachment call complicates the narrative. Broadwater notes that the impeachment inquiry, despite potential political gains, also poses challenges. 

It could overshadow other legislative issues due to the lack of evidence. This may breed resentment among moderate voters, risking the Republican Party’s political momentum. This could possibly work in favor of Democrats in the 2024 elections.


On September 12, 2023, Kevin McCarthy, the then-Speaker of the United States House of Representatives and a prominent figure in the Republican Party, announced an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. McCarthy’s call for an investigation was based on allegations of corruption surrounding Biden and his family. Specifically, Republicans have long sought to connect Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden’s business dealings to Joe himself and accuse him of benefiting from those activities. However, no evidence has been found to support these claims. The initiation of an impeachment inquiry by McCarthy reflects political strategy and maneuvering within the Republican Party as they seek to use impeachment as a tool for political gain.

Impeachment is a process by which a legislative body formally accuses a public official of committing “high crimes and misdemeanors” and initiates a trial to determine whether the official should be removed from office. This process gained significant attention during previous impeachment proceedings against former President Donald Trump. The impact of those proceedings on the political landscape is relevant in understanding McCarthy’s actions against President Biden.

The unexpected call for an impeachment investigation by McCarthy has raised questions about its potential consequences and implications. With no concrete evidence supporting the allegations against President Biden or his involvement in any wrongdoing, this move may be seen as politically motivated rather than driven by genuine concerns about accountability. It also highlights internal party dynamics within the Republican Party as influential figures like Matt Gaetz align themselves with or distance themselves from McCarthy’s actions.

In terms of historical context, this development occurs during Joe Biden’s presidency amid ongoing political divisions between Democrats and Republicans. The media portrayal of McCarthy’s opposition to Biden plays a crucial role in shaping public opinion and influencing party dynamics within the Republican Party.

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