How to Choose an Internet Platform for Your Brand

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What internet platform best fits your type of business? How do you choose which one will maximize your business’s strengths?

In his book Crush It!, entrepreneur, social media expert, and millionaire Gary Vaynerchuk provides advice for choosing a platform for your personal brand. He breaks down the pros and cons of video, blogging, and social.

Keep reading to learn what Gary Vee has to say about choosing an internet platform.

Choosing an Internet Platform for Your Business

Gary Vaynerchuk recommends having multiple internet platforms. He advises using each one strategically to maximize its strengths, and having them all direct fans back to your blog. (Shortform note: Although he doesn’t clarify, “blog” here seems to refer to either a written blog, vlog, or podcast; Vaynerchuk often refers to written and video “blogs.”) He breaks down the pros and cons of the top platforms of the day, but because much has changed since the book’s publication, we will instead highlight the key features to look for when choosing an internet platform. 


  • Livestream with a live chat function enables you to interact with people in real time, which reinforces a powerful sense of connection between you and your viewers. (Shortform note: That may be why research finds that live video holds viewers’ attention eight times longer than pre-recorded video.)


  • An easy-to-use design enables you to spend more time creating content than figuring out how to post it. (Shortform note: Blogging platforms like and Wix are user-friendly for content creators who don’t know coding, and some—like WordPress—make it easy to add extra features as your blog grows.)
  • A repost feature allows fans to share your content, and their endorsement builds your credibility. (Shortform note: Shares are a highly valued metric in personal branding and social media, but not all shares are created equal—while some shares generate interest in your brand and lead to new followers, others simply create buzz without delivering any returns.)


  • Many platforms offer the option to create a business page, which typically has capabilities that are not accessible on your personal profile. (Shortform note: Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram provide analytics for business pages, but not for personal profiles. Although Vaynerchuk prefers to trust his gut over analytics, others argue that data can help marketers get efficient, effective results.)
  • Keyword search helps you tap into your niche community and expand your audience. (Shortform note: Although Vaynerchuk uses the term “keywords,” his advice suggests he may be referring to hashtags, which were introduced on Twitter in 2007, just two years before this book was published. While similar, hashtags and keywords serve different purposes: Hashtags are meant to create buzz and engagement, and keywords—sprinkled strategically throughout your website and blog—drive SEO traffic.)

How to Choose Which Platforms to Use

In addition to Pat Flynn’s advice to post on the platforms that your audience uses most, there are several other factors you may also consider. Ask yourself these questions: What are your top one or two goals on social media? For instance, are you trying to educate people, build an audience for your business, or establish your credibility in your niche? What are each platform’s strengths and weaknesses? For example, Twitter is great for reaching an international audience, and LinkedIn is ideal for promoting B2B services.What’s working for your competitors? Look at which platforms your competitors use, what and how often they post, how big their following is, and how engaged their audience is. 

How to Choose an Internet Platform for Your Brand

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