The Science of Getting Rich: Book Overview

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What is The Science of Getting Rich book about? What is the certain way to riches?

The Science of Getting Rich book asserts that God wants everyone to be rich, and has provided limitless resources to ensure everyone can become wealthy. The book seeks to provide readers with a guaranteed method for tapping into that limitless resource. This method involves thinking and acting in a way that will attract riches to you.

Read on to discover the lessons of The Science of Getting Rich Book.

The Lessons of The Science of Getting Rich Book

There is a science to getting rich. Its methods have been tested and it’s guaranteed to work because it harnesses the natural workings of the universe.

According to The Science of Getting Rich book, the first step is to learn about the fundamental working of the universe. There are a few main concepts:

  • Everything in the world is made up of a matter called “Original Substance.” Original Substance is limitless, and it’s influenced by consciousness.
  • Becoming rich is natural. God and Original Substance, by nature, want life to advance. The first step to advancing is becoming rich so that you can buy the resources you need to advance.
  • Resources are limitless. Because everything in the world is made of Original Substance, and Original Substance is infinite, the universe will never run out of resources.
  • Don’t compete, create. Resources are infinite, so there’s no need to compete for them. Original Substance will create more of whatever you and others need.
  • Gratitude is a communication method. The Science of Getting Rich book emphasizes that the best way to strengthen your connection with Original Substance is through gratitude. Be grateful for what you have, be grateful for what you will have in the future, and find positivity even in what appears to be negative. (For example, corrupt politicians may be dishonest, but they impose some order on the world, which gives you opportunities.)

The Science of Getting Rich book further outlines a three-step process called the “Certain Way.” The three steps are:

  • Think. Original Substance is influenced by thoughts, so whatever you hold in your mind, it will send your way. Make sure to think about a very precise vision of what you want. 
    • For example, if you want a house, consider how many windows it might have, what color it would be painted, and so on. Imagine yourself living in the house.
  • Will. Will yourself to focus on your vision at all times. You must constantly be thinking about your vision in order to transmit it to the Original Substance.
  • Act. Do your best at all the actions you undertake every day so that you will be prepared to receive your vision when it arrives. You don’t know exactly how Original Substance will send it, so do even small things well. Make sure all of your individual transactions improve the lives of others more than they improve your own. 
    • For example, if you sell a hunter a gun for $100, he’s going to use the gun to hunt, and then sell his meat for more than he paid you for the gun. The gun will also help him provide food for his family, which, again, is worth more than the $100 you paid him.

Finally, The Science of Getting Rich book talks about the application of the method on a global scale. There are two concepts:

  • Dispense with myth. The only reason people are poor is that they’re not following the Certain Way. There are no other reasons.
  • Become rich yourself. If you follow the Certain Way, you’ll improve the lives of others as part of the “Act” step, and you’ll lead by example. Once others see that the Certain Way is the one path to riches, they’ll follow it too.
The Science of Getting Rich: Book Overview

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