Positive Thinking: How to Have a Positive Mindset

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How do you have a positive mindset? What is the difference between good and bad feelings and how do they affect your mindset?

You can have a positive mindset by approaching each day with optimism and focusing on the things that feel good. Good feelings help you have enthusiasm for life, while bad feelings create an air of negativity around your life.

Read on to master how to have a positive mindset. 

How Can You Have a Positive Mindset

Each day, you’re tasked with doing or addressing a variety of things. Some will be good, and some will be bad. If you think or talk about the bad things more than the good things, you will feel negatively about your day. Those negative feelings will continue to attract more things that create struggle in your day until you change your focus. 

To have a positive mindset, focus on positive things as often as possible. No action is too small to celebrate:

  • Did someone make space for you in traffic? 
  • Did an interview go well? 
  • Did you eat at your favorite restaurant? 
  • Did something good happen in the world? 
  • Are you happy to be healthy? 
  • Were you successful in paying a bill? 
  • Did you meet someone new you liked? 

Focus on the good things to feel good. Feeling good is how you give love, and when you give love, you will start to have a positive mindset. 

This is the cycle of the law of attraction and the role love plays within it. There are no limits to what you can achieve because there are no limits to love. Focus on the thoughts that enliven your love force, feel positively about those thoughts, and watch the world lay more to love at your feet. 

The Difference Between Good and Bad Feelings

You may think the absence of bad feelings is the same as feeling good. It’s not. Bad feelings do not simply encompass despair, grief, sadness, frustration, or anxiety. Likewise, good feelings do not simply mean anything besides the most extreme trauma or drama. 

Feeling “okay” is not the same as feeling good. True, feeling okay is better than feeling bad, but okay feelings will only lead to an okay life. If you want to have a positive mindset and change your life, don’t settle for average feelings. Feeling good means experiencing passion, joy, love, enthusiasm, and gratitude for life.

The goal for your life is not simply to feel better. You’re trying to attract a certain type of life. Feel passion, and you will be presented with experiences that allow you to feel more passion. The people you meet will be passionate people. The relationships you have will be passionate relationships. Even the songs you hear will inspire passion. All of these things will come to you because you sent passion into the universe, and the universe responded in kind.   

The Feelings Ratio

You’re probably wondering, “How can I avoid feeling bad when bad things happen?” The answer is you don’t have to try not to feel bad ever. The point is to tip the scales so that the ratio of good and bad feelings skews positive. Even if you are 51% positive and 49% negative, that extra one percent is enough to start bringing more positivity back than negativity. The returned positivity is added to original positivity and ensures you will have a positive mindset. 

Every day, you face the scale of good and bad. Start the day good, and it will continue to be good despite small hiccups along the way. Start the day in a bad mood, and you’ll have a hard time feeling love, even when good things happen. Each day that you start good and maintain that good feeling will compound into a happy life. You’re shaping your future by your thoughts, actions, and feelings today, so accumulate good days to lead to a happy future. 

Positive Thinking: How Feelings Change Your Mindset

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