Find Purpose in Your Life: Wisdom From Hal Elrod

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Tired of settling for whatever comes your way in life? Feeling directionless and like you have nothing to offer? Ready to find purpose in your life?

In The Miracle Morning, Hal Elrod asserts that a lack of purpose leads to a mediocre life. Drawing from his own experience, he offers practical ways for you to find purpose in your life, just as he has in his own. Elrod’s advice can help you overcome both boredom and challenges.

Keep reading to learn how to find purpose in your life and take it to a new level.

A Lack of Purpose Leads to Mediocrity

In The Miracle Morning, Elrod points to a lack of purpose as one of the most common reasons people struggle and accept mediocrity. Too many people settle for the life they have and live with regret, without realizing they have the ability to be who they want to be, do what they want to do, and have whatever they want.

The average person can’t tell you their life purpose, the reason they keep getting up every day. They just do what they have to do to survive; they take the easiest path, pursuing short-term gratification and staying in their comfort zone. However, when you find purpose in your life, this can turn around.

Elrod’s Experiences Finding a Purpose

To escape mediocrity, you need to have a purpose. For example, Elrod realized he wasn’t living up to his potential as a sales representative and that when he moved on to a new job, his average performance would follow him unless he changed it.

So he decided that for the next year, his purpose would be to develop himself into someone capable of achieving the success he wanted. He added a second purpose: to “add value” to others’ lives. Each day, he focused his thoughts and actions on these goals—for instance, by holding regular coaching calls with his team to help them improve. He had his best sales year and more members of his team posted their best performances. Having a clear purpose made the difference.

Like Elrod, you can find purpose in your life. A life purpose can be anything that’s meaningful to you, that inspires you and directs your daily actions and priorities. It isn’t something you “discover”—you decide what your purpose will be.

Starting With a Small Purpose Now

How do you find purpose in your life? You can start with a small purpose—for instance, smiling more or being more helpful—and make it bigger as you grow and evolve. The point is to create a purpose now, and start living it. Use your Miracle Morning to come up with something. Write it down, and keep it where you’ll see it.

When you commit yourself to a purpose bigger than your problems, they’ll shrink in comparison and you’ll find you can easily overcome them.

If you examine yourself and discover that you suffer from a lack of purpose, take heart. You can find purpose in your life by creating a purpose now, fostering it, and making purpose a priority from this day forward.

Find Purpose in Your Life: Wisdom From Hal Elrod

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