Tom Segura and Layne Norton on Fitness & Bodybuilding

A man lifting weights at the gym.

Who is Layne Norton? What type of expertise does Norton have in the fitness community? On the podcast 2 Bears, 1 Cave with Bert Kreischer and Tom Segura, Layne Norton talks about fitness fabrications and his bodybuilding journey. Norton, who holds a Ph.D. in Nutritional Sciences concentrated in protein metabolism, has built a distinguished reputation in the health and fitness domain. Discover more about one of the top experts in fitness and bodybuilding.

What Can Cause Hormone Imbalance? Investigating Estrogenics

What can cause hormone imbalance? A man with an unknown illness lies in a hospital bed

What can cause hormone imbalance? How do estrogenics mess up your hormones? Anthony G. Jay writes that an estrogenic is a chemical that mimics estrogen—a hormone that your body naturally produces. Estrogenics come from a variety of sources. When you come into contact with them, they can affect your health in significant ways. Here’s how estrogenics cause hormone imbalance.

The 3 Types of Burnout and How to Overcome Them

A woman holding her head next to piles of papers illustrates the 3 types of burnout and how to overcome them

Do you feel like you’ve given everything you have at work? What are the three types of burnout? Ali Abdaal says that burnout sets in when work stops feeling good and starts to feel tedious, meaningless, or overwhelming instead. This means that your work is harming your emotional well-being instead of boosting it. Let’s go over the three types of burnout and how to overcome them.

Debunking Common Fitness Myths: Carbs, Trackers, & More

Weights on shelves and the floor at the gym, disputing common fitness myths.

What are the most common fitness myths? Do carbohydrates always turn into body fat? On 2 Bears, 1 Cave, Layne Norton candidly unpacks various fitness and health-related topics with Tom Segura. He busts misconceptions about fitness and health, offering the truth that you may not know about. Continue reading if you want the hard facts to help you on your health and fitness journey.

Why Are Endocrine Disruptors So Dangerous to Your Body?

Why are endocrine disruptors so dangerous? A closeup of a chemical compound under a microscope illustrates the science.

Why are endocrine disruptors so dangerous? How do estrogenics mimic estrogen? An estrogenic is a chemical that mimics estrogen, which is a hormone that your body naturally produces. Estrogenics, which are just one category of endocrine disruptors, come from a variety of sources and can affect your health in significant ways. Let’s look at how estrogenics work within our bodies and the characteristics that make them especially damaging.

The Psychology and Science Behind Losing Weight

An overweight man running on a treadmill, showing the science behind losing weight.

What’s the science behind losing weight? What psychological elements do you need to consider on your weight loss journey? On 2 Bears, 1 Cave, Layne Norton and Tom Segura explore the complexities behind dieting and weight loss. They discuss the physical and psychological aspects that inform our eating habits and the strategies to manage them. Read below for an in-depth view of the psychology and science behind weight loss. 

Anthony G. Jay’s Estrogeneration: Book Overview & Takeaways

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What’s the book Estrogeneration about? What health problems are estrogenics causing? In his book Estrogeneration, Dr. Anthony G. Jay explains what estrogenics are, the common ways we encounter them, and the health risks they pose to humans and the environment. He also provides some practical prevention tips to minimize your exposure. Read below for our Estrogeneration book overview.

Michael Eisenberg & Andrew Huberman on Sexual Health for Men

A man sitting at a doctor's office with a diagram of a man's body behind him.

Why is it important for men to check on their sexual health? What are the implications of changes in penile size? In a podcast conversation between Dr. Michael Eisenberg and Dr. Andrew Huberman, sexual health for men is discussed. They emphasize the importance of male reproductive health and doing self-exams to look out for underlying health issues. Read below for a brief excerpt of the Huberman Lab’s discussion on male sexual health.

Layne Norton’s Dieting Advice: Customize Your Own Plan

A bowl of healthy food as part of Layne Norton's diet.

What’s Layne Norton’s advice for those on a diet? What’s the best app to keep track of your dieting journey? Navigating the vast amount of health information available online can be daunting. In 2 Bears, 1 Cave’s discussion about diets, Layne Norton addresses the challenges individuals face in deciphering health advice from both the internet and scientific studies. Below you’ll learn how to customize your own diet based on your needs.