Benefits of Reading Every Day + 3 Reading Tips

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Do you appreciate the benefits of reading every day? Would you like to learn how to establish a routine to read every day?

In The Miracle Morning, Hal Elrod shares the benefits of reading every day. He explains why he included reading as a part of his Miracle Morning routine. He also shares three reading tips to get the most out of what you read.

Read on to discover the benefits of reading every day and learn how to make them your own.

The Benefits of Reading Every Day

Reading gives you the ideas, strategies, techniques, and knowledge you need to achieve your goals and dreams. Learning from and emulating people who have already done what you aspire to do saves you the time and struggle of reinventing the wheel.

With an infinite number of books available on every topic, there’s no limit to the knowledge and life-changing ideas you can gain through daily reading. There truly are countless benefits of reading every day. It would be foolish to pass all this up by failing to read every day.

Just a few examples of books by financially successful people are: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker, and Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. Other books can help you transform relationships, increase self-confidence, improve communication skills, or exercise effectively.

People who experience the Miracle Morning routine know the benefits of reading every day, as reading is one of the six practices. Many Miracle Morning practitioners spend their morning reading time with the Bible, Torah, or another religious text.

Whatever you choose, read every day. Commit to reading at least ten pages a day so you can reap the full benefits of reading every day. While reading ten pages requires only ten to fifteen minutes a day, it adds up to 3,650 pages a year or about eighteen self-improvement books. Think of how much more knowledgeable you will be after reading eighteen books.

3 Reading Tips

1) Articulate why you’re reading a particular book, including what you want to gain. Then, keep that in mind as you read.

2) Take notes and highlight useful passages to reinforce what you’re learning and so you can easily review the most important information later.

3) Re-read good self-improvement books. You can’t retain and apply everything of value after a single reading. You need repetition to embed the ideas in your subconscious.

It can be more useful to re-read a book that you know can help you than to start a new book before mastering the ideas of the first one. Elrod maintains a special shelf for books he wants to re-read. Try it with this book—commit to re-reading it to reinforce the Miracle Morning concepts and practices.

(Shortform note: We created Shortform in large part for this purpose—to bring you a book’s most important points for easy reference in the future.)

Put to use the tips that work for you, and enjoy the benefits of reading every day!

Benefits of Reading Every Day + 3 Reading Tips

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