Believe in the Universe: Here’s What It’ll Provide You in Return

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Do you believe in the universe? Can the universe provide everything you want in life?

If you want more money, a better job, or to be happier, you can always look to the universe for help. You should be open to whatever opportunities the universe provides you, and be ready to go down any path it sets for you.

Here’s why believing in the universe is so important for people with big goals.

Believe That the Universe Will Provide What You Need

Sincero states that you must believe in the universe and that it will provide you with everything that you want. You must always be open to the opportunities the universe is ready to provide for you and have faith that you’ll reach your goals, even if you don’t yet know how. 

(Shortform note: How do you place your trust in the universe? According to some experts in personal growth and spirituality, start by accepting helplessness. When you experience difficulties caused by things outside your control, resist the urge to struggle against the situation. Instead, embrace the fact that you can’t do anything to change it. Further, pay attention to nature—notice the beauty, bounty, and interconnectedness of it. You’re part of that harmony, and the universe came together to give you life and your place in it. Finally, trust your intuition. It’s a higher form of consciousness, and it’s directly connected to the universe. It’ll help you navigate through different stages of your life.)

According to Sincero, one of the best ways to engage positively with the energy of the universe is by practicing gratitude. The universe wants you to become the best version of yourself—being grateful shows that you understand that and you wish to send the love back. If you put out loving thoughts and feelings via gratitude, the love of the universe will come back to you in the form of success and opportunities. 

Additionally, being grateful means you can approach any situation in a positive way, including difficult ones. Every situation can be a chance for positive growth. When you have setbacks and painful experiences, you can look at them as learning opportunities instead of failures or misfortunes. This keeps you moving forward toward your goals, financial or otherwise, instead of holding you back in a mindset of bitterness or discontent.

To practice gratitude, Sincero suggests writing down 10 things that you’re grateful for before you go to sleep every night. Second, note down five things that are upsetting, frightening, or irritating in your life right now. Then, write down a reason to feel gratitude toward these five things. 

Further Benefits of Gratitude Practice

Gratitude isn’t just a way to connect with the positive energy of the universe—it can also have many positive effects on your mental and physical health. Some research suggests that having a regular gratitude practice can create new neural pathways in parts of the brain responsible for social connection, rewards, and recognition of positive experiences. These connections allow us to more easily recall positive memories and experience their associated emotions over time. Other studies found that gratitude reduces physiological stress and can lessen chronic pain. In one study, participants who communicated gratitude reported being less anxious, inflamed, and fatigued. 

According to some psychologists, the combined mental and physical benefits of gratitude make you more resilient when you have negative experiences and setbacks. Even when things feel very difficult, gratitude enables you to find goodness and beauty. This gives you more control over your perspective and a heightened ability to reframe negative experiences. If you instead focus only on the bad things in your life, you may experience intensified depression, stress, and anxiety.

This can make it harder for you to merely move through everyday life, much less pursue things like financial goals. If thinking of a total of 15 things to be grateful for feels too much at first, try writing three things you’re grateful for before bed—something from the morning, something from the afternoon, and something from the evening. This will help you find something to appreciate in every part of the day. Or, try writing about a success you had and the person who helped you achieve it. This will help you show appreciation for someone important in your life, and you’ll realize that there are people who support you. 
Believe in the Universe: Here’s What It’ll Provide You in Return

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