How to be Considerate of Others in Your Actions

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How can you be considerate? Why is being considerate so important?

You can be considerate when you learn to give more than you take. Being considerate is key to attracting riches to your life. When you always think about others in your actions, you will attract good intentions from them. 

Read on to master how to be considerate.

The Importance of Learning How to be Considerate

Doing your best also involves considering your effect on others. Whenever you interact with others, be so strong in your convictions about Original Substance that anyone who encounters you can feel your purpose. Know that riches are coming your way, and lead by example. People are naturally attracted to those who follow the Certain Way, and many of your visions will manifest via other people. 

Additionally, whenever you make a transaction, either personally or professionally, don’t drive hard bargains, compete, or take advantage of people. Other people will be involved in realizing your vision, and you may be involved in realizing theirs. To be considerate, you must embrace the habit of giving more than you take. Consider usable value rather than cash value. 

Example #1: If you sell someone a book you’ve written, they’re giving you money. In exchange, you’re giving them information that will improve their life, which is far more valuable than whatever they paid in cash for the book. 

Example #2: If you’re an employer, people give you work more valuable than the cash value of their wages, so use your business to improve their lives.

(Shortform note: For more on how people fall onto a spectrum of giving vs. taking, see our summary of Give and Take.)

How to Be Considerate: Give More Than You Take

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