Andy Grove: OKR Creator and Google Investor

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How did Andy Grove create OKRs? How does the Andy Grove OKR system help companies measure and achieve their goals?

Andy Grove’s OKR system was designed to help companies write goals that are specific, measurable, and adaptable. In Andy Grove’s OKR system, companies will not only achieve their goals but will also become more transparent and have a better company culture.

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Andy Grove, OKR Creator

Measure What Matters is venture capitalist John Doerr’s guide to implementing the “OKR management system,” a goal-setting process he adapted from one used at Intel. The OKR system is used at LinkedIn, Disney, and Twitter, among countless other companies.

Doerr and Andy Grove designed OKRs to be an improvement on traditional management systems. Whether or not you’re in a management position, examine the management system currently in place at your company and decide if the OKR system, or parts of it, could help your company function more efficiently.

Questions About OKRs

You can set up an OKR system at your organization, but it is important to understand your current status. The questions below can help you establish current practice.

What system of management is in place at your organization? What are its features? (For example, is there a clear goal-setting procedure in place? How often are the goals reviewed? Are they public?)

Do you know what objectives your boss expects you to meet this month? This year? If you’re a manager, how confident are you that your employees know what you expect of them? Why

If you’re an employee, do you feel engaged and motivated at your job? Why or why not? If you’re a manager, do you think your employees feel engaged? How do you know?

With Andy Grove’s OKR system your company will be more effective, and create measurable and specific goals.

Andy Grove: OKR Creator and Google Investor

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