Ogilvy on Advertising

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A candid and indispensable primer on all aspects of advertising from the man Time has called "the most sought after wizard in the business". 223 photos. less

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Ev Williams Co-Founder/Twitter, CEO/MediumRecommends this book

Garrett Moon Ogilvy On Advertising by David Ogilvy and My Life In Advertising by Claude Hopkins for old-school marketing smarts. (Source)

Christopher Lochhead This is a business classic. Ogilvy lays down principles that are timeless and his no-BS style made a big impact on me as a young man. (Source)

Ola Olusoga Like Charlie Munger once said: “I’ve long believed that a certain system - which almost any intelligent person can learn - works way better than the systems most people use [to understand the world]. What you need is a latticework of mental models in your head. And, with that system, things gradually fit together in a way that enhances cognition. Just as multiple factors shape every system, multiple mental models from a variety of disciplines are necessary to understand that system". You can read this book to start building a "latticework of mental models in your head". (Source)

Bogdana Butnar I thought I might put my money where my mouth is. I keep whining that young people are not in touch with some essential books on advertising that have helped me shape the way I practise my trade today, but I never did anything about it. So I am starting here the ultimate books to read list. I will add to it as I get suggestions and as more good books get written. (Source)

Neville Medhora Written directly by the guy who started the famed Ogilvy and Mather advertising firm in New York (which “Mad Men” is based off of). (Source)

Park Howell This is one of the books I recommend to people looking for a career in advertising. (Source)

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