6 Your Inner Fish Discussion Questions

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Are you looking for Your Inner Fish discussion questions? Can these discussion questions help you understand how we’re connected to all other life on Earth?

These Your Inner Fish discussion questions cover ideas like rethinking the history of evolution and considering how to work with your body’s natural design.

Keep reading for 6 great Your Inner Fish discussion questions.

Your Inner Fish: Discussion Questions

Your Inner Fish is an interesting book that explains how humans evolved from fish. These Your Inner Fish discussion questions.

Check out these 6 Your Inner Fish discussion questions about life and your body design to help you think about the book and its meaning.

Rethinking Life’s History

Paleontologist Neil Shubin argues that uncovering our human origins in fish and other creatures doesn’t detract from our uniqueness, but makes our existence that much more incredible. Having developed from a common blueprint, we’re part of all life, not separate from it.

What’s your reaction to the above statement and why?

How might awareness of our connection to other creatures affect how we view them?

How might it affect how we view ourselves?

Respecting Your Body’s Design

We can trace most ailments of modern life to the fact that our bodies were built to be active predators on the hunt for food, or gatherers and agriculturalists—yet today, most of us spend our days sitting.

How physically active are you during the majority of your day? What effects does this have on your body and how you feel?

How could you be more active tomorrow? How could you build more physical activity into your day?

In what other ways could you act more in concert with your body’s design?

Use these discussion questions as a jumping off point to talk about human evolution and scientific discovery.

6 Your Inner Fish Discussion Questions

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