White Fragility Discussion Questions: 9 Exercises

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Do you need White Fragility discussion questions? How can a White Fragility discussion guide help you delve further into the themes of White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo?

These White Fragility discussion questions highlight meritocracy and how to challenge racism. Use this White Fragility discussion guide to better understand the book.

Read on for nine exercises on the list of White Fragility discussion questions.

White Fragility Discussion Questions

White fragility is the phenomenon by which white people become angry, defensive, or hostile when confronted with the idea that they are complicit in systemic racism. In White Fragility, author Robin DiAngelo examines its origins in the failure of white society to understand the structural nature of racism, explores the history of the existing racial hierarchy, and makes a powerful case for why it is incumbent upon white people to accept their individual and collective responsibility for white supremacy—and to do the difficult work of challenging it.

Question Meritocracy

Explore the fairness of outcomes in society with these White Fragility book club questions.

  • Do you believe that America is a meritocracy? Why or why not?
  • What accomplishments do you believe you’ve “earned”? Choose one accomplishment to examine more closely.
  • What aspects other than your own intelligence, motivation, and hard work might have contributed to this success?

Challenge Racism

Think about how you can push back against racist social conditioning.

  • Have you ever engaged in “race talk”? If so, briefly describe what was discussed and how discussions like these contribute to the reinforcement of the racial hierarchy.
  • Have you ruled out living in certain areas because of bad schools or declining property values? Do you think your concerns were warranted? Explain why or why not.
  • Whether or not you think your concerns were warranted, how do you think your actions, and the similar actions of other white people, have impacted the racial makeup of the communities you’ve ruled out?

Understand White Fragility

Explore the main takeaways from the book with these White Fragility book club questions.

  • If you feel threatened by someone suggesting you’ve made a racist comment, what is threatening about that suggestion? In other words, how does it pose a threat to you?
  • If you feel threatened, how can you fortify your own racial stamina?
  • What steps can you take to become more anti-racist?

These White Fragility discussion questions can help you unpack issues of race and the major themes in the book.

White Fragility Discussion Questions: 9 Exercises

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