The Church of God: More Than Just a Building

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What should a true church of God be like? What is the one and only true rule of church?

Author Bob Goff believes that a church is a place for all people to come together to do God’s work, despite their differences. He says that the only rule is to treat everyone with love, no exceptions.

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A Church of God Is More Than a Building

Jesus’s prayer was for us to come together as one, the way He did with God. There are many religious denominations that all aim to serve God. This common goal makes all denominations one church of God. You can be with others without needing to be the same as them. 

In the grand church of Jesus, no one is turned away because of differences or mistakes. There are no rules to follow beyond treating everyone with love, and no one is excluded. But some have taken God’s love to be different for different people. Buildings were constructed in His honor, and separation of His worshippers became the standard practice. But God told you that He doesn’t exist in buildings. He is inside of every person He made in His image. 

Excluding people or admonishing them for their lives is not fulfilling God’s purpose. When you shun people who are not like you, you betray Jesus. Jesus doesn’t want you to fight in His name. He wants you to love in a way that makes others feel as though they are in God’s presence.

The true nature of a church is coming together with God and each other. There is no specific location required. Where there is a group gathered to do God’s work, there is a church. Even if you don’t literally attend church, if you seek to become love and live as Jesus did, you are part of the church of God. 

God refers to His church as his bride. The symbolism is one of an intimate relationship that exists forever. He loves you unconditionally, even your flaws, and accepts you for who you are. A bride is beautiful and enchanting. No one criticizes a bride; they stand in awe of her. To truly be part of God’s church, put away your differences, and recognize one another as the brides you are. 

The Church of God: More Than Just a Building

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