The Top 5 Blind Side Discussion Questions

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Are you looking for The Blind Side discussion questions? How can questions help you understand the

These The Blind Side discussion questions help tackle major ideas in the book like finding your own story, struggle, and family. You can use these discussion questions to understand the book or to think of your own discussion questions.

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The Story of Michael Oher

Michael was a talented basketball player, and before he started to grow into his current size, he practiced day and night in Hurt Village to become the next Michael Jordan. This training made him fast and nimble, and he kept those skills as he grew. But he didn’t have any fire in his belly. When he first joined the football team at Briarcrest, he was afraid to block the other players and was basically ineffective. He spent more of his junior year on the bench. 

But a man named Tom Lemming changed everything when he learned about Michael. Lemming was the premier high school football scout in the nation, and his scouting reports were read by nearly every Division I and II college program. When the Briarcrest coach sent him a tape of Michael chasing down a tiny running back during one game like he was a sprinter, Lemming saw right away that this kid was a freak of nature. He was perfect for the prized position of left tackle, and he told the world about Michael Oher. 

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The Blind Side Discussion Questions and What They Mean

  • Part of what makes Michael Oher’s story so remarkable is the way the NFL changed to create an environment perfect for someone like him. How can his story help your life?
  • What aspects of Michael’s life resonate with your own? Did you overcome the odds to achieve success? Did you struggle to do well in school?
  • What inspiration can you take from Michael’s story and apply to your life?
  • Do you have a natural gift that fits perfectly into a niche in the world? What is it, and where does it fit?
  • Michael is an example that anything is possible when people believe in you. Who is your support system, and how do those people continue to support your dreams and success in life?
The Top 5 Blind Side Discussion Questions

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