Rick H: PUA Master Influenced Style In The Game

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Who was Rick H. the PUA in the book The Game? Did Rick H.’s method influence Style’s technique?

Rick H. was not a prominent guru in The Game, but his technique is one that influenced Neil Strauss. Strauss also mentions that Rick H. was one of the most successful PUAs.

Rick H: Top PUA Shares Strategies

Two PUAs, Rick H. and David X, had fairly simple strategies. 

Rick H. was arguably the best PUA in the community. His seduction philosophy centered around two rules: 

  1. Don’t be nice. 
  2. Never give a direct answer. For example, if a woman asks about your job, give a facetious answer like a white slave trader, professional hopscotch competitor, or cigarette lighter repairman.

Style’s Takeaways

Style’s time with the gurus had taught him about hypnosis, cocky funny, and sheer brazenness. He learned many lessons from each of the gurus, including Rick H.

He also picked up some universal lessons, which would serve him in the world beyond seduction: 

  • When you approach someone, your opening line isn’t as important as you think. How you start the conversation is less important than where you take it.
  • There’s a misconception that asking a lot of questions during conversation shows interest—but it comes off more as interrogation.
  • In contrast, making statements in a conversation is a confident and intimate way of talking. Old friends speak in statements, because they allow each other to offer information through their own sharing. 
  • Talking fast indicates a lack of confidence. If you’re talking fast, you’re trying to fit everything in as quickly as you can because you may be worried that people aren’t interested, or you can’t bear to leave out any details. 

Style felt he’d met enough gurus. He’d picked up plenty of philosophies and strategies—now he simply needed to practice using them. 

Too Deep in the Game?

By the time Mystery’s Miami workshop approached, Style was far beyond merely observing the community for his writing assignment—he was a full-fledged member and well-respected pickup artist (PUA). 

Style’s relationships with the other men now existed in the real world, not just on message boards. He had forged friendships with some of the men, and they went out sarging together regularly. Other men in the community constantly called and emailed, looking for advice and asking to be Style’s wing. 

At the same time, the community was growing. Local seduction communities were popping up and flourishing around the world. 
Style was enjoying his new powers—especially after so many years of feeling completely inadequate around women. But Style’s motivation for picking up women was no longer for sex or romance as much as it was to impress the other sargers and PUAs

Rick H. the PUA may not have played a prominent role in the book, but he did have a role in Style’s methods as he became a PUA.

Rick H: PUA Master Influenced Style In The Game

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