How to Use Psychic Healing to Remotely Help Others

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What’s psychic healing? Can you use psychic healing to help others?

In The Silva Mind Control Method, José Silva says you can use a psychic healing method to help others by remotely diagnosing and psychically healing illnesses. Silva reports that his most experienced students can reliably and accurately diagnose medical conditions given only basic information about a person.

Read on to get a better idea of how psychic healing works.

Use the Alpha State to Help Others

Silva recognizes that psychic healing sounds impossible, but he argues that everyone has the psychic abilities that make these feats possible—you simply have to be trained to access them. (Shortform note: Not everyone agrees that everyone has psychic abilities. One prominent parapsychology researcher argues that psychic abilities are normally distributed, meaning most people have a moderate ability, while some people have extreme ability or none whatsoever.) 

In the following sections, we’ll explore Silva’s advice for how to achieve these seemingly impossible results.  

Prepare to Psychically Heal Others

To sharpen your psychic skills to the point that you can remotely diagnose and heal others, you first need to train your visualization abilities even further. To do so, you’ll need to practice picturing more and more foreign scenes on your mental screen, beginning with a wall in your own home and eventually progressing to the inside of the body of a person you’ve never met. With each scene that you project on your mental screen, visualize as much detail as possible and trust your intuition. Silva notes that you may feel like you’re simply imagining things, but don’t let that dissuade you from fleshing out the details. What feels like imagination may actually be you projecting your consciousness into the scene on your mental screen.

Once you master visualizing increasingly unfamiliar scenes and environments, you’ll need to prepare the mental space where you’ll work on diagnosing and healing people: Silva calls this your “laboratory.” While in the Alpha state, picture a room where you’ll do your psychic work (the room can look however you want it to look). The room should include your usual mental screen and a space for you to do your work, like a desk. Additionally, you should imagine a set of custom tools that will help you symbolically heal the illnesses you diagnose in others: for example, you might imagine a fan that you’ll mentally use to cool the hot, irritated skin of someone with a rash.

Next, you’ll staff your laboratory with the mental image of two assistants—one male, one female. These assistants may be historical or famous figures, or they might be ordinary people. Note that you shouldn’t try to consciously choose these assistants—simply prepare your laboratory and welcome whichever figures show up to help you. You’ll continue consulting these assistants every time you do remote healing work in your laboratory.

Remotely Diagnosing Others

Once your psychic laboratory is prepared, you’re ready to practice remotely diagnosing and healing others in the Alpha state. To diagnose someone, you’ll need to know their name, age, gender, and where they’re located

Silva warns that it’s important, at this stage, to only practice diagnosing people who are physically removed from you and who you don’t know (you can ask friends to supply information about people they know who are sick or injured). Unless you are that person’s doctor, you are not legally qualified to diagnose them with a medical condition. In fact, if you discover a medical problem while mentally scanning someone you know personally, Silva says you shouldn’t tell the person at all—simply do your best to heal them in your psychic laboratory.

Once you know who you’ll be diagnosing, conjure up an image of them on your mental screen (since you don’t know what they look like in real life, this is where your advanced visualization skills come in). Begin scanning the image of their body on your screen, asking your assistants for help as necessary—for example, one of your assistants might point to a particular body part on the person you’re scanning. As you scan the person, Silva recommends you continuously describe, out loud, what you’re observing. Keeping up a monologue of what you see on your mental screen will crowd out your mind’s doubts and criticisms about whether what you’re seeing is real. 

As you scan, make note of which areas of the body you’re drawn to—for example, you might note that the person’s left knee seems to be flashing more brightly than the other body parts, maybe because of an injury. Trust your instincts and try not to second-guess yourself; remember, even if it feels like you’re making everything up, that doesn’t mean that you are. 

Remotely Healing Others

Once you’ve diagnosed the problem, you can begin trying to remotely heal the person. To psychically heal someone, first, go to your Alpha level. On your mental screen, call up a detailed picture of the person in need of healing. On the screen to the left (because, as we discussed, the left represents the future), create a new image that represents the person being healed somehow. (Shortform note: Silva doesn’t specify, but presumably, this is the step in the process in which you’d use the imagined “tools” in your laboratory to heal the person.)

Finally, on the far left of the screen, imagine the person entirely healed. Try to genuinely believe that this healed version of the person is now reality—just like when you’re manifesting positive outcomes for yourself, you must want the outcome, believe it’s possible, and fully believe that it will happen.

(Shortform note: The practice of remote healing has become even more popular in the digital age. Practitioners use various techniques, but most claim that they’re able to heal people remotely by manipulating the energy in the person’s body, which quantum physics shows isn’t necessarily impossible to do from a distance. However, academic research on whether these remote healing practices actually work has had mixed results. Different techniques and practitioners have different results, and some studies are not methodologically sound, making it hard to draw conclusions from their results.)

How to Use Psychic Healing to Remotely Help Others

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