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How did Pierce Simpson get into news broadcasting? How can you become a journalist?

Journalist Pierce Simpson talks about his career journey on the You Should Know Podcast. He surprisingly reveals that he was rejected from Complex News at first, but used the rejection to motivate himself more.

Discover more about Pierce Simpson’s Complex career, all the way from the beginning.

Pierce Simpson’s Journalism Career 

According to Pierce Simpson, Complex News wasn’t his first journalism gig. Peyton Hardin probes Simpson about his varied career journey. It started from being a policy production intern at an insurance company, before transitioning to Hat World’s assistant manager, and eventually a broadcaster at Nice Kicks in 2014. 

Simpson’s interesting transition into broadcasting was accidental, spurred by an opportunity that arose due to his commanding voice. Aside from his professional growth, it’s noteworthy that his jobs underwent a functional change. They initially acted as a financial bridge across his college days before leading him to his broadcasting career. 

Further, Simpson illuminates his belief that a college education, while enriching personal development and life skills, doesn’t enforce itself as an absolute prerequisite for a career in broadcasting.

Learning Experiences: The Role of Rejection

Simpson shares a significant setback he faced on his road to success—his initial rejection from Complex News. This experience, acknowledged by Simpson as a harsh blow to his morale, acted as a propellant for him.

Simpson decided to refine his skills and relocate to Los Angeles, remaining dedicated to his broadcasting journey. This course of action played a pivotal role in shaping his professional path.

Inside Complex News: Role and Responsibilities

Simpson provides insight into his role at Complex News. Along with the prestige of interviewing top celebrities, a fact that leaves him in awe daily, he details his responsibilities of staying updated with cultural happenings as part of his role. He expresses a sense of overwhelming gratitude towards his career each day, an emotion that testifies to his commitment.

In the early stage of Simpson’s career at Complex News, a colleague named Sean played a critical role. Sean provided valuable advice and feedback on Simpson’s interviews, which helped to improve Simpson’s interviewing skills significantly. 

Whenever Simpson prepares for interviews, he always refers back to Sean’s guidance.


Pierce Simpson’s career journey from a music enthusiast to a prominent figure in broadcasting serves as an inspiring example of embracing opportunities and navigating career transitions. With a background rooted in his passion for music, Simpson transitioned into the broadcasting industry, where he has thrived and made significant contributions. His experiences highlight the importance of seizing opportunities and being open to new paths within one’s chosen field.

Throughout his career, Simpson encountered rejection and setbacks that ultimately shaped his professional path. These challenges underscore the resilience required to succeed in the competitive world of broadcasting. However, he persevered with dedication and commitment, demonstrating the value of personal growth and development in achieving career goals.

Mentorship played a crucial role in Simpson’s skill development and progression within the industry. The guidance provided by experienced individuals helped him navigate unfamiliar territories, refine his craft, and make informed decisions along his journey. This highlights the significance of mentorship in fostering professional growth.

Simpson’s story also emphasizes gratitude toward one’s chosen career path. His unwavering passion for broadcasting is evident through his dedication to delivering quality content to audiences worldwide. By embracing opportunities, overcoming obstacles, and remaining committed to his craft, Pierce Simpson exemplifies how individuals can forge successful careers while making meaningful contributions within their respective industries.

How Pierce Simpson’s Complex Career Evolved Over the Years

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