A Miracle Morning Level 10 Life: Seek the Extraordinary

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Is your life extraordinary, or are you settling for less? What is a Miracle Morning Level 10 life, and how can you achieve success at that level?

In The Miracle Morning, Hal Elrod shares his own story. He was not living the life he wanted, and he knew things had to change. A breakthrough led him to write the book and share his insights for a Miracle Morning Level 10 life.

Read on to learn how Elrod achieves a “Level 10” life and how you, too, can find success in all areas.

The Success Parallel Breakthrough

Hal Elrod was at his lowest point—living with a failing business, debt, and depression. Then he experienced a breakthrough. It struck him that he hadn’t been developing himself into the person he needed to be to create the life he desired. He’d wanted level 10 success, while his personal development remained at a level 3 or 4. This led Elrod to develop the principles of the Miracle Morning Level 10 life.

Most of us are in the position that Elrod had been in. If we want level 10 success, while our personal development (knowledge, experience, mindset, beliefs, habits) isn’t a level 10, we’re going to struggle.

Our outer world reflects our inner world: our success level parallels our personal development level. To be successful we have to commit time to developing ourselves. Elrod reports that when he had this insight, he ran straight home, ready to change his life. Ultimately this led him to create the Miracle Morning Level 10 life.

His first challenge was finding the time. He was so busy just keeping his head above water financially that finding additional time for personal development was daunting. 

Evenings wouldn’t work because he was usually too tired to focus, and finding time consistently during the day didn’t seem feasible. The only feasible option was early morning. He hated waking up, but hoped committing himself to personal development in the morning would be positive and motivating and would carry over into the rest of his day. Also, in the morning, he’d be less distracted or tempted to skip the personal work.

He recalled a mentor telling him that if you want your life to be different, you have to be willing to do something different. That’s when Elrod realized he needed to develop the Miracle Morning Level 10 life.

Few People Choose to Live a Level 10 Life

Most people passively accept the cards that life deals them. Even people who achieve success in one area, such as a career, accept less-than-optimum results in other areas, such as relationships or health.

There’s no reason to settle for less than extraordinary success in any area of your life—happiness, health, money, freedom, love, or success. Of course, no one consciously chooses to accept less in a given area. For instance, on a fulfillment scale of 1-10, we don’t decide we’re okay with a level 5 relationship, in which we’re unhappy half the time. Yet most people still end up accepting mediocrity in most areas.

3 Principles for a Miracle Morning Level 10 Life

You can achieve a Miracle Morning Level 10 life in every area by committing time daily to personal development or becoming a level 10 person. Success rests on accepting three principles:

1) You’re capable of achieving a life of happiness, success, wealth, love, and anything else you want.

2) You need to commit time each day to work on becoming a person capable of attracting and achieving the success you want.

3) How you start your day is crucial. A focused, productive morning routine leads to productive days, which create a successful life. Changing how you wake up can change any area of your life more quickly than you think.

A Miracle Morning Level 10 life is an extraordinary one, and it can be yours.

A Miracle Morning Level 10 Life: Seek the Extraordinary

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