8 Secrets to Living a Good Life [Charlie Munger]

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What are the secrets to living a good life? What are the possible obstacles to your happiness?

The secrets to living a good life include surrounding yourself with friends and family, avoiding self-pity, hard work, and being around people you admire. Envy, lack of ambition, and drug addiction are all factors that can prevent you from living a good life.

Read on to discover more about the secrets of living a good life.

To Start Living a Good Life:

  • Have low expectations and a good sense of humor
  • Surround yourself with the love of friends and family.
  • Figure out the lifestyle that you want most. You might indeed work eighty hours a week for fifteen years to make partner at a law firm, just to get the right to do more of the same. But if you don’t, this might not be the right life for you.
  • To get what you want, try to deserve what you want.
  • Avoid self-pity. It’s counterproductive and doesn’t change your situation. If you don’t feel self-pity, you’ll have an advantage over many people, since it’s a common response. Munger had a friend who carried a stack of business cards, and when he heard a self-pitying comment, he’d give the person a card; the card read, “Your story has touched my heart. Never have I heard of anyone with as many misfortunes as you.”
  • Be around people you admire. Don’t work under someone you don’t want to be like.
  • Work hard. Munger likes the word “assiduity” because it informally means, “Sit down on your ass until you do it.”
  • Anticipate trouble. You’ll better know how to avoid it.

How to Live Miserably

Munger also suggests inverting the secrets to living a good life. Think first about how to live miserably, then avoid doing that.

  • Ingest chemicals that alter your mood or perception to feel better.
  • Envy other people for what they have.
  • Resent people and hold grudges.
  • Be unreliable so no one depends on you.
  • Don’t learn from other people’s mistakes. Make every mistake yourself the first time.
  • Be as non-educated as you possibly can. Have zero curiosity to learn and improve.
  • When you get into a real battle in life, give up at the first opportunity.
Charlie Munger’s 8 Secrets to Living a Good Life

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