A Life of Love: Creating an Extraordinary Life

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What is a life of love? Why is love so powerful and how can you use it to improve your life?

A life of love is a joyful life that gives you the strength to overcome any obstacle. You can live a life of love by staying alert to what’s happening in your life to make sure you always respond positively to life events.

Read on to learn the secret to living a life of love.

Living a Life of Love

Everything in life has a unique frequency—words, sounds, animals, plants, food, locations, items, you, and every other element in the universe. When you are presented with the frequency of something else, you have the choice to link to it positively or negatively or not link to it at all by turning away. Whatever you decide is your choice, but you’re no longer ignorant about how to attain what you want in life

In this chapter, you’ll learn how to use The Power successfully and become the love magnet you were born to be. It really is as simple as finding a way to experience more joy on a daily basis. Keep that joyful feeling flowing, and everything you need to stay joyful will come to you. Life is magical, and once you discover that, it will open up to you in miraculous ways. 

Open the Lines of Communication With Intention

Imagine your life as a movie playing on your television. Now imagine you get a phone call or text while you’re watching your life movie. When you answer the call or text and look back up, you’ve missed part of the scene or story. This same thing happens when you walk around your life distracted by errant thoughts or negativity. 

If you aren’t alert to what’s happening in your life, you won’t see the many opportunities life presents to you to change your life. There is no such thing as happenstance. Remember, life is a catalogue of options for you to love or skip. But if you don’t see the item when it’s right in front of you, you’ve missed your chance to choose love

If you’re alert to life, you can use the options presented as clues to what frequency you’re on. 

  • When you drive past a police car, you can assume you’re on the same frequency as the police car. But is there a deeper meaning to that frequency? Is life telling you to slow down? Is there some part of your life that is defying order? 
  • When you hear an ambulance drive by, are you being reminded of your good health and, therefore, triggered to show gratitude? Is it a sign that some part of your life needs immediate attention?
  • When you overhear a conversation at the coffee shop, do you realize you’re supposed to hear that conversation? Is there something being said that you’re meant to hear? 
  • When you hear a song on the radio, do you listen for the significance in your life? Do you believe that you’re meant to hear that song because it is communicating with you?

Only you can understand the significance of the frequencies you come across on a daily basis. Stay alert to life and be open to everything presented to you. You will receive information that is vital to living a life of love. Life is constantly sending you messages about your life. Pay attention and receive all the answers you need to increase the power of love in your heart. 

Use Symbols to Represent Good and Bad Frequencies

The force of love is invisible, so it can be hard to know when you’re tipping the scales of your feelings toward it or away from it. Attach a symbol to the force of love to help alert you when you’re on a good frequency. This symbol can be anything you want. You just have to love it and designate it as your sign of love. For instance, you might love a certain kind of flower. If you make that flower your symbol, every time you see that flower or something that reminds you of that flower, you know the force of love is working through you. 

You can also make something your warning symbol for when you’re on a negative frequency. When you see or hear this symbol, you know something is not right in your world and that you need to be aware of it. 

A symbol is a great way to ensure you are living a life of love, but you can also look at the small ways that life tries to reach you even without a symbol: 

  • When you find a lucky penny, money in the laundry, or a letter from an old friend, you can take those as signs of your positive frequency. 
  • When you break something, lose something, trip, or get a tear in your clothes, life is warning you to change your frequency for the better. 

The more you communicate with life, the more success you will have in staying on a positive frequency with the force of love. 

Heaven on Earth

When you live fully with the force of love, you experience heaven on Earth. Your heart and soul are hard-wired for the highest frequency of love in your body. When you die and leave behind your human form, you enter a new life as the embodiment of pure love. You become your highest being of love, and you can communicate with the living through that love frequency, even from different planes of existence. 

But you are not meant to suffer on Earth and only achieve heaven after you die. You can experience heaven now because heaven is within you as pure love. Heaven is your highest frequency, so live your life full of pure love and joy, and you’ll be in heaven on Earth. 

Space, Time, and Life’s Purpose

You can experience everything you want because you have endless time to do so. This world and this dimension are not the only planes of existence in the universe. There are galaxies and other states of consciousness you can’t imagine, but you will get to experience them one day. And you will have endless adventures once you do. 

Like the universe, there’s so much more to you than you know. You are a special being with a powerful tool at your disposal to help you experience pure happiness—the ability to give. When you give, you’re saying you have enough to share, and you always have enough because the most significant thing you can give is love.

Whether you give positivity, support, enthusiasm, passion, or friendship, love is at the heart of all of it. The love you give outweighs any material gift because your love is everlasting and life-changing. When you give the gift of love, you not only draw more love and abundance to yourself, but you give someone else the tools to draw more love to their life. 

Give love to fulfill your mission in life. You will never run out of love if you continue to give it freely. In contrast, if you don’t give love, you can never get love back in return. Your life will be difficult as the wrong people and circumstances come into it, one after the other, until you stop the cycle with love. 

Every time you choose to show love for someone or something, you add more positivity to the world. Your light shines brighter, and all the good you can imagine will be drawn to it. You have the power within you to change your life. You ARE the Power. 

Your life is about to begin. 

Become Extraordinary by Creating a Life of Love

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