Learn to Go With the Flow: Life’s Easier That Way

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Do you get frustrated and stressed when things don’t go according to plan? Do you want to learn to go with the flow and create a richer life?

In You Are a Badass, Jen Sincero shares her story of how a frustrating bus ride in India turned into a positively memorable experience. She had to learn to go with the flow instead of dwelling on everything that went wrong.

Keep reading to hear about Sincero’s experience and how you too, can learn to go with the flow.

Learn to Let It Go

Learn to go with the flow of life, deal with the unexpected in a positive way, and find the joy in frustrating situations. These are ways to grow as a person and create a richer life.

The author of You Are a Badass recounts an experience during a trip to India that taught her to learn to go with the flow and get to know your neighbor instead of stressing. Sincero says you can learn everything you need to know about spirituality and life by taking a 12-hour bus ride through India during wedding season.

On what was supposed to be a 5-hour nonstop bus ride to Delhi from Agra, she instead found herself on a bus that seemed not to recognize the idea of times and stops. Instead, they traveled through weddings, which were more like parades, where the entire bus would get off to join in the party. The bus also kept pulling over to let random people on, have tea, have a smoke, and other various reasons. 

At one point it let on a man who screamed to the entire bus in Hindi. Instead of being annoyed, the travelers cheered and chanted. They pulled over again, and it turns out the yeller was a holy man who gave the crowd a tour of the temples in a village. They were there for two hours, wandering through temples, skipping in a circle before a statue of Krishna, praying and clapping. When finally back on the bus, even though they were still 5 hours away from Delhi when they should have been there hours before, everyone was cheerful and chatty. They stopped a few more times until they arrived at their destination at 3 am.

Learn to Go With the Flow

Here’s what India taught Sincero about tapping into the “Mother Lode”:

  • Talk to strangers — we’re all family.
  • Expect the unexpected — and enjoy it.
  • Find the humor in a situation.
  • Join the party.
  • Live in the moment.
  • Time spent enjoying yourself is never wasted.
  • Share your space.
  • Love yourself. 
Learn to Go With the Flow: Life’s Easier That Way

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