Law of Attraction Health Benefits—Lose Weight, Avoid Illness

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Are there Law of Attraction health benefits? Can you manifest good health by using the power of your thoughts?

The Secret author Rhonda Byrne says yes. By using Law of Attraction health affirmations and channeling the power of mind and body, you can achieve the body you want.

The Law of Attraction and Health: Your Mind, Your Body

If you practice the Law of Attraction, you now know what the Law of Attraction is and how to use it to bring about the life you want. You know how to shape your thoughts and behaviors to enhance the Law of Attraction. Now, let’s look at practical applications of the Law of Attraction toward specific ends, such as your body and health. Law of attraction health can help you live a better life.

(Shortform caveat: Diagnoses of health conditions should not be trifled with. Don’t put your health at risk by rejecting treatments and only using positive thinking. We recommend following the recommendations of your medical professional, in addition to gaining positivity about yourself as described below.)

Getting the Body You Want

If you want the perfect body, hold thoughts of the perfect body in your mind. If you focus on whatever the perfect body is for you, you will receive that perfection. This is how Law of Attraction health works.

Only you can define what your perfect weight is. Whatever that is to you is perfect for you. No one else’s opinion matters.

If your thoughts are of needing to lose weight, the Law of Attraction has no choice but to attract the experience of needing to lose weight. 

  • When you diet or start a weight-loss program, the dominant thoughts behind those actions revolve around being overweight. 
  • Many people are or believe they are overweight, but most of them don’t know how to change. Dieting is a slow process. Exercise is hard work. Breaking bad habits is harder.
    • All of these activities are forced actions. You believe this is what you need to do to lose unwanted weight. You watch what you eat and toil on the treadmill, with one thought going through your mind: “Losing this extra weight is all that matters.” The signal this thought sends out to the universe is “must lose weight.” What sort of picture do you think gets reflected back?  

Instead, if your thoughts are of the positive kind, of having a healthy or attractive body, that is the picture that will manifest into your experience. Law of attraction health and positive thinking can make that happen.

Fat Thoughts

Your thoughts are more powerful than food. When you focus on food as the culprit to weight gain, your every thought is based in fear of gaining weight. If you feel guilty about eating a certain food or believe the food will cause you to gain weight, it will. Law of Attraction health works both ways.

  • Being overweight is the effect. The cause was the thought of being overweight, or “fat thoughts.” 
  • Everyone has a friend who eats what they want and never gains weight. These people can do this because they believe they can eat what they want and not gain weight. Their belief becomes their reality.
  • Turn your thoughts from, “This will make me gain weight,” and focus on, “This food has no power in this body.” That is the reality the Law of Attraction will create for you.

Some people have been diagnosed with thyroid issues and slow metabolism, or they’ve been told that their body size is hereditary. When they hear these things, they start to believe that being overweight is out of their control. This belief makes it true. But according to the book, this is not the case. These conditions are fat thoughts in disguise. 

You can use the Creative Process to attain your perfect weight. Simply ask through your thoughts, see it, believe it, feel it, and receive it.

(Shortform note: In reality, weight loss will require real action on your part. Let your thoughts inform your actions, and be aware of the answers the universe sends to you and be inspired.)

Positive Thoughts and Health

Think your way to perfect health. If you believe your body is a vision of health and focus on that belief, you will signal the universe to make it so. Like everything else, every health condition has a frequency, and to heal, place yourself on a healthy frequency. Law of Attraction healing works the same way as other practices.

Imperfect thoughts are the origin of all of the issues plaguing humanity, including disease and emotional and mental disharmony. If you believe you are sickly, you will be, and it makes it harder to use Law of Attraction healing.

Stress is often a culprit in acute and chronic illness. Stress in your life is the result of one thought that slipped under the radar or was given too much focus. That thought manifested into more stressful thoughts, all the way to creating stress in your life. Stress is the outcome, negative thinking the catalyst. 

  • For example, if you were worried about getting sick before a big vacation, the focus on getting sick likely created other concerns or fears regarding your health. Those subsequent thoughts spiraled until you had a list of health concerns. Sound familiar? 
  • Remember, the Law of Attraction doesn’t distinguish between good or bad thoughts. It just picks up the thought message. 
  • Your focus on getting sick and the ensuing stress just created more stress because that was all the Law of Attraction had to work with. What was reflected back were more situations surrounding illness, creating more stress, and so on. And you likely got sick before your vacation.

The situation is not hopeless. Just because stress has been manifested in your life doesn’t mean it needs to remain. One positive thought can set you on the right frequency. One good thought leads to another and another, and you can access Law of Attraction health benefits.

  • If you think only thoughts of being in perfect health and see yourself on vacation in perfect health, that is the picture reflected back. 

Law of Attraction Health Affirmations: Using Your Thoughts to Heal 

If you are sick or feeling less than perfect, thinking about it will only make things worse. Instead, try thinking, “I feel amazing. I feel healthy and good.” And really feel it. These are called Law of Attraction health affirmations.

Healing using your mental powers can work in accordance with medicine. Medications are often prescribed to manage pain. When you are pain free, your mind is free to focus all your power on health and Law of Attraction healing.

  • The placebo effect is a well-known phenomenon in medical studies. When patients believe the placebo they’ve been given is the real curative medication, they open themselves up to receiving the cure and be cured. (Shortform note: No scientific evidence or statistics are provided to support this assertion.)

Science shows that the body regenerates completely every few years. If this is the case, what is the cause of degenerative disease in the body? The answer is your thoughts. Once a diagnosis or condition is received or noticed, your continued observation and focus on the illness or condition only serves to strengthen it. Law of Attraction health affirmations help you heal.

If you have pain in your back, and you constantly focus on the pain and start to think of yourself as someone with back pain, what response is the universe meant to have?

  • When someone has an illness or condition, they tend to discuss it often because they are concerned or scared. Talking about it is a way to verbalize those thoughts. But that level of attention will be the thoughts the Law of Attraction has to work with. 

When someone around you is afflicted with something contagious, don’t let the fear of catching it consume you. You cannot catch anything unless you believe you can. If you think you can, you may as well invite whatever it is you don’t want to enter your body. Law of Attraction health can help you get healthy and stay healthy.

Getting sucked into other people’s thoughts and feelings about their illnesses will also harm you. 

  • When you listen to others’ complaints, your thoughts become consumed by thoughts of their illness. You know what happens after that. You call it forth in your life. 
  • If you really want to help a person suffering or in need, switch the topic to something positive. If that doesn’t work, walk away. As you do, use your thoughts to visualize that person in good health and feel the joy of that for them. 
  • (Shortform note: Being there for someone else isn’t a bad thing. What Byrne is implying is that allowing your thoughts to become tainted by another’s negativity or worries is only asking for the same in your life. Boundaries, physical and emotional, can help protect you during these times.)

Regardless of what physical afflictions you have brought on with your thoughts, there is always time to change them. Start thinking positively, and start feeling happy. Releasing negative thoughts will allow your natural state of health to emerge inside. And what follows is your body’s process to heal itself. 

There is no limit to what the Law of Attraction health benefits can do for you. Since time and size do not exist in the universe, no affliction is too great for the Law of Attraction. 

  • Incurable is not a word. Not one you should believe in, at least. You must think and believe that no ailment is incurable.
  • Use your thoughts to create a world where everything is curable. In this world, miracles happen every day. In this world, abundance overflows. 
  • Everything good in the universe already exists inside you. Think thoughts of good health to call that good forth.

Example: Morris Goodman was a successful businessman who became paralyzed after his personal plane had engine troubles and crashed. He was unable to breathe, talk, or eat. His spine was crushed, as well as his diaphragm, and he lost the ability to swallow. The doctors said he would never recover and declared a perpetual vegetative state. 

But Goodman, only able to communicate consciousness through his eyes, didn’t listen to them. He visualized walking out of the hospital one day in normal health. He set a goal to walk out by Christmas. All he had was his mind, but it’s all he needed. He used his thoughts to heal himself, first by breathing on his own, then by learning to speak and walk again. Eight months after his accident, he walked out of the hospital unassisted and became a motivational speaker.

He sums up his experience as a belief that a person can become whatever they think about. 

The Law of Attraction health benefits allow you control over your body and your health. Through positive and healing thoughts, you can work on your overall health and wellbeing.

Law of Attraction Health Benefits—Lose Weight, Avoid Illness

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