Kobe Bryant: Hard Work Means Never Giving Up

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What does Kobe Bryant believe about hard work? How can learning how to work hard make you prepared for sports and for life?

According to Kobe Bryant, hard work is the cornerstone to success. Only by working harder than everyone else can you truly excel.

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Kobe Bryant on Hard Work in Basketball and in Life

From a young age, Kobe had an intrinsic motivation to do anything necessary to become a top-notch basketball player. His internal drive was always stronger than any external force. Kobe wanted to be great, and he knew that to be great, he had to be obsessive: He had to work harder than everyone else and make sacrifices others were unwilling to make He realized that hard work in sports was the only way to achieve.  

At the core of his obsession was Kobe’s mental focus. He deliberately trained himself to improve his focus—through reading, studying the game, and paying close attention to the coach during practice—so that he could be present and aware at all times. Kobe was also unafraid to fail, because he considered everything a learning opportunity. When he discovered a new move or technique that he wanted to add to his repertoire, he didn’t shy away from the learning curve—instead, he practiced the skill endlessly until it was embedded in his mind and muscle memory. 

Throughout his career, Kobe maintained a grueling schedule, which included both early mornings and late nights. Kobe realized that if he started his day early, he could fit in a third workout, rather than the standard two. What’s more, if he got up early enough, he could get his first workout done and be back home by the time his kids woke up. Kobe also did his last workout of the day after his kids went to bed, so that he didn’t have to sacrifice time with them. Sacrifice was inevitable, but Kobe determined what he was willing to give up, and what he wasn’t—he decided that he wasn’t willing to sacrifice workout time nor family time, so he sacrificed sleep. This was part of his decision to continue hard work in sports.

Kobe maintained his rigid routine regardless of the season or circumstances. While other players eased up on their workouts during the season, in order to avoid wearing themselves out, Kobe carried on. Although his schedule was tiring, it also helped him maintain endurance throughout the season and into the playoffs. Everything Kobe did was purposeful and strategic—starting with his preparation. Kobe Bryant believes hard work in basketball and being prepared can lead to success in all aspects of the sport.

Kobe Bryant: Hard Work Means Never Giving Up

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