How to Know What Business to Start

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How do you know what business to start? Should you wait for the perfect opportunity to start your business?

You know what business to start when you discover what you have a talent for and enjoy doing. Don’t wait for the perfect opportunity to get started, take every opportunity that takes you one step further towards doing what you want to do.

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Choosing the Right Business to Start

If you’re not currently in the business you dream of, following the Certain Way will help you know what business to start. Usually, the best way to change your business is by improving your current business enough that you get new opportunities. For example, if you work hard at your current job and get a raise, you might be able to buy some land and pursue your dream of farming. 

Note that you’re not doing a good job in order to get on your employer’s good side; your employer won’t advance you if it’s not in their interests. You’re doing a good job in order to harness Original Substance’s natural advancement. If you don’t get an opportunity to advance at your current job, you’ll get one somewhere else.

How will you know what business to start? You’ll typically do best in a business that you have a talent for. For example, if you’re going to be a music teacher, you need to understand music, and it’ll be easier to understand music if it already comes naturally to you. 

However, you’ll also typically do well at a business you enjoy. If you want to work in the music industry, the Original Substance will help you develop the talent and tools to do so. Wanting to do something is your talent trying to develop and express itself.

It’s more important to know what business to start that will be suitable for you, rather than simply doing something you have a lot of natural talent in. You’ll be most satisfied with your life if you’re doing what is suitable for you.

Note that there’s no hurry to change your situation. Hurry is a symptom of competitiveness, and we’ve previously disproved the idea that there is a finite amount of resources humanity has to share. If you don’t know what business to start, wait. No one else will steal your chance; you’ll get another opportunity later. Whenever you’re unsure, work on your gratitude. Spend some time thinking about what you want and your gratefulness that you’re going to get it.

However, don’t wait for the perfect opportunity—take opportunities that allow you to better yourself one step at a time.

Don’t do anything you don’t want to, except as a step towards doing whatever it is you do want. For example, if you made a mistake in the past, you might have to live with a certain circumstance for a while. You make mistakes when you act hurriedly, out of doubt or fear, or forget that the goal of being personally rich goes hand in hand with enriching others. As you live through a mistake, remember that the Original Substance will eventually advance you away from it.

No matter what your current business or dream business is, if you follow the Certain Way, you will eventually know what business to start and you will get rich. For example, consider a doctor whose vision is that he’s excellent at his job. He specifically imagines each of the ways he expertly carries out procedures. He contemplates his vision with faith, purpose, and gratitude. As a result, he’ll be very good at his job, which will attract patients.

Acting Within the Bounds of Your Current Situation

You can succeed in any environment or business. You can start acting in the Certain Way, right now, wherever you are, and the process of following the Certain Way will change your circumstances. If you’re always doing your best, you’ll advance by outgrowing your current state. Success is cumulative—because the inherent goal of life is to advance, each step towards advancement creates momentum towards the next step.

Doing Your Best in Your Current Environment

You need to be in an environment where you can interact with people, but otherwise, your physical location doesn’t have a large effect on your ability to get rich. If you don’t like your current environment, as you follow the Certain Way, you’ll find opportunities to change it.

How to Know What Business to Start

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