3 High Performance Habits Quotes: Be Your Best Self

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What are the most noteworthy High Performance Habits Quotes? What is the message behind each quote?

These High Performance Habits quotes are taken from Brendon Burchard’s book about high-performing individuals. They encapsulate the author’s ideas and concepts about success and achievement.

Read these three High Performance Habits quotes for motivation and inspiration.

High Performance Habits Quotes by Brendon Burchard

“Seek clarity. Generate energy. Raise necessity. Increase productivity. Develop Influence. Demonstrate Courage. These are the six habits that you need to adopt if you are to reach high performance in any situation.”

At the heart of Brendon Buchard’s teachings is the idea that high performance is achieved through consistent practice of six high-performance habits (the HP6). They’re deliberate habits, or habits that you actively choose to do and constantly revisit to improve your performance. They’re often challenging and require your full attention. His book explains why each of these habits is important, the dangers of not developing them, and ways to implement them in your daily life.

“High performers are clear on their intentions for themselves, their social world, their skills, and their service to others. I call these areas self, social, skills, and service, or the Future Four.”

The first high performance habit is seeking clarity. According to Burchard, you need clarity about who you are and what you want to become a high performer. Attaining clarity requires reflection and experimentation as you search for the values that matter to you and the goals that will define your journey. To help you gain clarity, think about the Future Four: Self, Social, Skills, and Service. 

“Decide what you want. Determine the Five Major Moves that will help you leap toward that goal. Do deep work on each of the major five moves—at least 60 percent of your workweek going to these efforts—until they are complete. Designate all else as distraction, tasks to delegate, or things to do in blocks of time you’ve allocated in the remaining 40 percent of your time.”

When it comes to work, Burchard stresses the importance of efficiency. Efficiency requires planning, reflection, and focus. To increase your efficiency, solidify your goal and plan your “five moves”:

  • Write down the five major moves you’d need to make to achieve that goal. These are big steps that require many smaller tasks to achieve. For example, if your goal is to become a published author, one of your major steps may be to “get a literary agent” or “find a way to self-publish.”
  • Under each of your five major moves, write down a list of tasks that you need to do to accomplish that step. For example, if your goal is to “get a literary agent,” your tasks would include researching agencies, crafting writing samples, fixing up your resume, and practicing your interviewing skills.
  • Once you have a list of tasks, put them into your calendar and hold yourself to hard deadlines. Giving yourself a specific schedule will motivate you to complete tasks in a timely manner.
3 High Performance Habits Quotes: Be Your Best Self

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