The 2 Major Health Benefits of Positive Thinking

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How does positivity affect your health? How can you get the health benefits of positive thinking

Positivity affects your health by creating balance and harmony within your body. You can get the health benefits of positive thinking by changing how you feel about your body to boost your positivity. This affects your overall health and well-being.

Read on to discover the health benefits of positive thinking.

Understanding the Health Benefits of Positive Thinking

Your feelings about your body are not limited to your health. You want to feel beautiful and young. You want others to think of you as beautiful and vibrant. So what’s stopping you from getting all the health benefits of positive thinking?


The ideals of beauty in society have complicated your relationship with beauty. It’s easy to criticize your own looks when you’re forced to compare yourself to photo-shopped images of models and celebrities. What’s ironic is that simply by using the force of love to create beauty, you can outshine even the best digitally altered image of yourself. 

Beauty is one of the major health benefits of positive thinking. The beauty you want lives inside of you. When you fill your life and heart with love, that love saturates your skin cells. Your skin glows brighter, signs of aging reduce, your hair gets stronger, and your eyes sparkle. Your magnetic field shines brightly around you, and others will not be able to look away from the power you emit. 

However, if you feel bad about how you look or focus on the things you don’t like, you’re on a negative beauty frequency. You can’t shine if your heart is full of negativity. So forget the products and fashion spreads. Be happy and feel beautiful, and that will be your reality. 


Another one of the health benefits of positive thinking is that you never have to feel your age. You can feel whatever age you want because you have the power to command your body to feel that age. It seems simple, but the problem is that you’ve been conditioned from an early age to believe you only have a certain amount of time to live. That belief created a thought pattern that counts down your vitality as you grow older. 

Imagine what would happen if someone on Earth suddenly lived to be 200 years old. Would you suddenly believe that you could live that long? Would your beliefs about your limited time and potential change? Probably, so why wait? Believe you will be that person. Believe that your body will remain active and strong until you decide it’s time to age. 

If you can believe these things, your cells will believe them too. The law of attraction in your body will pick up the signal and return a long and prosperous life to you. You are under no obligation to grow old physically. Feel young and be young and show gratitude for your continued good health. 

Boosting Your Positivity

If you find it hard to be positive about your health, find other ways to tip the scales. Look around your life and the world for things to be grateful for and love. Surround yourself with the things you love, like your favorite foods or feel-good movies. Gather whatever you love around you to strengthen your positive love force and you will start to see the health benefits of positive thinking. You can also use the Creation Process and the Power Keys to bring more love to your heart. Whatever tactic you use, the body will still fill with love and only receive love in return. 

A Word About Water

Scientists have discovered that when water is infused with positivity, the energy of the water increases. Every cell in the water becomes perfectly balanced and works harmoniously with the others. 

Your body is 70% percent water, including your brain. Therefore, infuse your body with positivity to change the energy of the water in your cells. That same balance and harmony is created within your body as a result. With trillions of cells in your body, the cumulative effect of that balance and harmony will be amazing.

The 2 Major Health Benefits of Positive Thinking

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