You can heal with love. Discover how the love you feel in your heart can improve your physical health and help you overcome illness.

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Can love help heal a sick person? How can you heal with love and does it really work?

Feeling the love in your heart can help you heal because your thoughts affect your ability to recuperate and thrive physically. Heal with love by being grateful for your life and focusing on what is strong about your body.

Read on to learn more about how to heal with love.

Your Heart Will Help You Heal with Love

You can use love to improve your health by increasing the love you feel in your heart. You can’t feel love in your heart if you think bad thoughts about your health. When you are sick or diagnosed with a disease, find a way to heal with love by thinking good thoughts about your body. Focus on what is strong, not what is wrong, to harness the force of love in your heart. 

All of your thoughts, even those not about health, can affect your ability to heal or thrive physically. Your heart cannot feel good feelings if you’re upset about bills, family, your job, the neighbors, or any other grievance. It is vital that you seek out things to love and fill yourself with love. Use gratitude to multiply goodness in your life: 

  • Be grateful for your health and life. 
  • Be grateful for the body you’ve been given and all the wonderful things it does for you.
  • Be grateful for the nourishment you put in your body, and say thank you for everything you eat and drink. Only eat when you are feeling positive.
  • Be grateful for the medications that help you feel better.
  • Be grateful for your ability to create the body you want through love. 

Gratitude also works when you’re treating an illness or disease. It might not be realistic to stay positive at all times if facing a serious or life-threatening condition, but you don’t have to. To tip the scales keep the positive feelings at 51% or more, and the force of love will be the predominant feeling in your heart. That extra one percent is the difference between a healthy outcome and a worsening condition. 

You can also use your imagination to heal with love in your heart. When you go in for treatment or take medicine, imagine your body being healed. Imagine your follow-up appointment and the positive outcome you hope for. Imagine what you will feel like when you receive the results you want, and feel the love of receiving them in your heart. The law of attraction must return that picture of positivity back to you.

Heal With Love: Use Gratitude to Improve Your Health

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