Why Your Emotional Ally Can Be Anyone Around You

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Why do you need an emotional ally? Can a negative person be your emotional ally?

You need an emotional ally to help train you to be alert to bad feelings that can put you off a positive frequency. A negative person can be an ally because you are put in a situation that tests your ability to fight negativity and remain positive.

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Each Person Is an Emotional Ally

One way to stay positive even around negative people is to view them as a personal love trainer. You will have sessions with relaxed and supportive trainers who make choosing love easy. But you will also have sessions with hard and critical trainers who act like boot camp sergeants. This latter group are also allies because they test your love boundaries and strength. You have to fight harder to choose love with these people, which helps you get better at choosing love always, even when life is difficult. 

Don’t be manipulated by an emotional ally who tries to push you toward judgment or negativity. It’s a trick to see what you’ll choose. If you absolutely can’t find anything to love, choose to turn away from that person or negative training. Never give in to manipulation. It only hurts you in the end. 

When you turn away from something or someone negative, immediately turn toward something you love. Look around for things to love and give love to them to get back on a good feeling frequency. Look at every challenge as a test of your strength of love, and you’ll gain power over the negative aspects of your life. 

Another purpose of the militaristic trainers is to bring awareness to your current feelings. You would not be in this training session to begin with if you were on a positive frequency. Therefore, as well as challenging you to give love under the worst conditions, these trainers alert you to the bad feelings you’re already living with. Get on the love train, and the negativity of others will not be able to catch you.

Why You Need an Emotional Ally & How to Choose

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