Fast Like a Girl by Mindy Pelz: Book Overview & Takeaways

A woman holding and reading a book.

Is fasting a safe way to diet? Why is fasting for women different than men? How can mistimed fasting affect a woman’s hormones? In Fast Like a Girl, Mindy Pelz says that fasting won’t work for women if they don’t cater their diets to their hormonal cycles. The solution is to align fasting schedules and hormonal cycles. Read below for an overview of Fast Like a Girl.

How to Fast Safely: 2 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Diet

A man intermitting fasting while looking at a plate of veggies and water.

Do you know how to fast safely? How do you maximize the benefits of fasting? While fasting doesn’t seem complicated, Mindy Pelz has a couple of tips for maximizing the benefits of fasting. These are incorporating different-length fasts into your routine, and paying attention to the foods you eat when you’re not fasting. Let’s explore these two tips in detail.

The Ideal Fasting Diet for Women’s Hormonal Cycles

A serene woman holding a mug as part of a fasting diet for women.

What’s the ideal fasting diet for women? Why is fasting trickier for women? In her book Fast Like a Girl, Mindy Pelz focuses on women’s fasting because, unlike men, women experience monthly and menopausal hormonal cycles. Women need to pay more attention to their fasting and eating habits due to this cycle. Below we’ll explore Pelz’s advice for tailoring a fasting schedule that aligns with women’s hormonal cycle.

The Different Types of Pesticides & Their Chemical Makeups

A woman planting a tree with shovels in a garden.

What are the different types of pesticides? What’s the difference between herbicides and insecticides? In Silent Spring, Rachel Carson discusses how and why chemicals are applied to the environment. She also describes how insecticides and herbicides are used, and the harmful effects they have on the environment and humans. Keep reading to learn more about the different types of pesticides that are dangerous.

Safe Alternatives to Pesticides for the Environment & Your Health

A wide shot of a farm field with a barn as an alternative to pesticides.

Are there safe alternatives to pesticides? Can we use predators as pest control? Rachel Carson argues that while pesticides use chemicals to control plant, insect, or animal populations, many biological control methods are just as effective, less expensive, and less harmful to the environment. While she does not advocate eliminating pesticides entirely, she suggests using them in more targeted ways. Check out Carson’s suggestions for alternative methods of pest control.

Beyond Meat Sales Drop: The Beginning of the End for Faux Meat?


Has the fake meat revolution been overhyped? Why are sales dropping so rapidly? Will they pick back up? Beyond Meat recently reported a 30% second-quarter sales plunge, leading to doubts about artificial meat’s future. Factors like high prices, inferior taste and texture, and scaling challenges have stunted the product’s growth. Here’s a look at why Beyond Meat’s sales have dropped, along with other fake meat producers.