A hot dog with ketchup on it in the foreground of a baseball stadium.

What is Bobby Lee’s hot dog business concept? What’s his comedic idea of an ideal restaurant?

Not content with merely capturing ears, Andrew Santino and Bobby Lee venture into the gustatory realm on a new episode of Bad Friends. They dive into hot dog-inspired enterprises while keeping their comedic brand front and center.

Take a look at Lee’s pitch for a hot dog plan to take over the restaurant industry.

Bobby Lee Proposes a Hot Dog Empire

What began as a MadTV sketch spirals into Bobby Lee’s hot dog business concept with innovative twists, such as injecting condiments directly into hot dogs to avoid the mess at baseball games. Lee adds to the concept by proposing customizable fillings like cheese or relish, while Jessie Johnson playfully suggests reversing the hot dog’s construction by placing the bun inside. The idea captivates the group, drawing parallels to McDonald’s McGriddle sandwich. This exchange demonstrates their free-flowing creativity and their ability to transform a humorous conversation into a conceivable business pitch.

In addition to these culinary innovations, Santino and Lee humorously discuss the idea of establishing a comedy club in Austin, whimsically referred to as the “father ship,” highlighting their intentions to expand their comedy brand. They tie this idea back to their past work, with their upcoming “Uh-Oh Hot Dog” venture, showcasing the evolution of their comedic brand and ventures from television sketches to real-world business aspirations.

From Food Fusions to Restaurant Fantasies

The conversation blossoms into the envision of a themed restaurant washed in atmospheric entrance sound effects, even casting Lee’s father as the potential mascot ‘Popo’ with a purple, furry costume. 

They explore branding merchandise such as shirts that double as napkins, consider a ‘stick-version’ of bread reminiscent of breadsticks or skewers, and discuss menu innovations like deep-fried options akin to corn dogs. 

They imagine an onion snack with unexpected center fillings inspired by shishito peppers and playfully mooting the inclusion of unique ingredients like bone marrow in their chili. 

The group visualizes a restaurant atmosphere complete with special sound effects for entering customers and even considers casting comedian Mike Feeney as the manager for their hypothetical culinary venture.


Two comedic personalities, Andrew Santino and Bobby Lee, known for their work on the sketch comedy show MadTV, are expanding their comedic brand into the gastronomic realm. In a recent interview, they discussed their innovative ideas for hot dog-inspired businesses and a themed restaurant. The podcast explores the themes of creative entrepreneurship, the fusion of humor and food, and convenience in the culinary industry.

Santino and Lee’s venture into the culinary world showcases their creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. They envision a hot dog empire with unique condiments injected into each hot dog to create playful flavor combinations. Their discussions highlight the fusion of humor and food as they brainstorm ideas for menu items like “The McGriddle Dog,” inspired by McDonald’s popular breakfast sandwich that features pancakes as the bun. This intersection of comedy and business demonstrates how individuals can leverage their comedic brand to explore new opportunities.

Bobby Lee’s Hot Dog Business: Million-Dollar Idea in the Making

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