Gary Vee: The 4 Steps to Building an Online Presence

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What are the steps you should take when building an online presence? Should you hire a web designer to build your site for you?

According to marketing expert Gary Vaynerchuk, after you pick your niche market, the second step is to establish your presence online. Vaynerchuk recommends four steps for doing this.

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Establish Your Web Presence

Your website will be the home base for your personal brand; all of your social media posts and outreach should ultimately point people to your website. Vaynerchuk recommends these steps for building an online presence:

  1. Buy your domain name. (Shortform note: Choose a domain name that is short, memorable, easy to spell, and ends with .com.)
  2. Create a WordPress or Tumblr account to host your domain. (Shortform note: Since the book’s publication, the number of web hosting options has multiplied. When choosing a hosting provider, look for one that offers customer support, allows you to quickly scale your website, and offers reliable security.)
  3. Hire a web designer, if you can afford it. Although your audience will forgive low-budget production value for your content, a well-designed, user-friendly website will help convert one-time visitors to subscribers. (Shortform note: Website builders like Squarespace and Wix now make it easier to build your own professional-looking website. However, if you want your site to handle complex tasks like certain e-commerce functions, you should hire a web designer—and be prepared to spend several thousand dollars or more.)
  4. Create your social media accounts. Be sure your username matches your website domain name. (Shortform note: However, if the matching social media handle is unavailable, take heart—research shows that many businesses thrive even when their social media names don’t exactly match their domain.)


(Shortform note: The #FollowMeTo travel blog is one example of a brand that has created a dynamic website at the center of several thriving social media channels. The bloggers—a married couple who travel the world together—share stunning visuals on their #FollowMeTo YouTube and Instagram accounts (which all have identical handles). The social media eye candy all points back to their website, where the bloggers not only document their journey but also provide travel guides for cities around the globe.)

Gary Vee: The 4 Steps to Building an Online Presence

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