Call of Duty's Ghost character in a building.

Why has Call of Duty’s Ghost taken the Internet by storm? How does Brittany Broski feel about the video game character?

Brittany Broski, the popular internet personality and content creator known for her comedic videos on TikTok and YouTube, is once again making waves with her latest podcast episode. On The Broski Report, Broski delves into personal introspection and explores her fascination with Ghost from Call of Duty.

Read below for a more in-depth exploration of Brittany Broski’s Ghost obsession.

Digital Fixation: The Temptation of Call of Duty’s Ghost

Brittany Broski’s Ghost fixation massively intrigues her, but she acknowledges it’s an unusual interest for someone who hasn’t even played the game. The TikTok algorithm, picking up on her online discussions about a “mask kink”, played a role in fostering this fascination.

Dealing with her feelings of guilt over objectifying a virtual character, Brittany employs humor and creates imaginary press briefings about her attraction. These feelings, she shares, link to her perceived mental health issues and lack of personal contact. They also underline her fondness for male forms, providing deeper insights into the reasons behind her peculiar fixation.

Brittany’s indulgence in Ghost-related fanfictions on the popular fanfiction site AO3 further underscores the lengths of her fixation.

The episode wraps up with Broski speculating if her lack of a regular job may have amplified her Ghost fixation, presenting an introspective viewpoint of her personal situation. Despite her quirky interests and idiosyncrasies, Brittany maintains her charisma and humorously apologizes for these traits. 

The conversation mirrors the free-flow design of her podcast, painting an extensive picture of her ever-evolving interests and presenting a joyful tribute to life’s unpredictability. During the show, Broski also reminds her audience of the first instance she spoke about the podcast launch on Ethan Klein’s H3H3 Podcast and commends her followers who have been devoted to her without forgetting her update.

She adopts old-school strategies like the “Silent Coyote” and hand claps as attention grabbers, exemplifying her ability to keep the audience engaged in a relaxed, yet interactive atmosphere.

Learn More About Brittany Broski

To fully understand the context of this news article, it’s important to have some background knowledge about Brittany Broski. She gained widespread attention after a video of her reacting to a kombucha drink went viral on TikTok in 2019, earning her the nickname “Kombucha Girl.” Since then, she has amassed a large following across various social media platforms and has expanded her content to include podcasts.

The themes explored in this particular podcast episode revolve around personal introspection and quirky humor. Broski reflects on her lack of a regular job and how it relates to her current focus on Ghost. Despite these idiosyncrasies, she maintains her charismatic personality throughout the episode, showcasing her ability to engage with audiences in a relaxed and interactive manner.

While the article doesn’t provide specific historical context or recent events related to Brittany Broski or her podcast, it assumes readers are familiar with Brittany’s rise to fame as an internet personality and previous appearances on the H3H3 Podcast.

The broader topics touched upon in this article include internet personalities and content creation as well as podcasting. It highlights how individuals like Broski can build personal brands through social media platforms like TikTok and YouTube while also exploring their passions in unconventional ways.

Brittany Broski on Ghost From Call of Duty and Internet Fixations

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