4-Hour Body Sex Tips for Women and Men

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What advice does The 4-Hour Body have for sex? What are The 4-Hour Body sex tips men and women can use?

The 4-Hour Body is all about improving your body and how it performs, including sex. The 4-Hour Body sex tips for women and men can improve both satisfaction and health.

Keep reading for The 4-Hour Body sex advice.

Enhancing Sex: The 4-Hour Body Sex Tips

In this section, we’ll first look at women’s sex lives, focusing on orgasms. Then, we’ll look at men, focusing on testosterone and sperm count. The 4-Hour Body sex tips offer something for everyone.


The author consulted with scientists, experts, and porn stars, and again engaged in experimentation, to figure the best ways to create women’s orgasms. It’s useful to first practice orgasm outside of sex. There are two methods:

  1. Self-exploration, which involves the woman reflecting on her sex life, consulting resources such as 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Orgasm, figuring out what arouses her, and practicing masturbation.
  2. OneTaste technique, which is a 15-minute goalless partner exercise in which the man does nothing but stroke the most sensitive part of the clitoris as lightly as possible. To find the spot, imagine a clock over the woman’s pubic bone, with 12 o’clock pointing toward the top of the clitoris (toward the bellybutton) and 6 o’clock toward the toes. The sensitive spot is at 1 o’clock. 

To achieve orgasm during sex, there are four tips to keep in mind:

  1. The woman creates orgasm. Men can help, but the woman is in charge, and a good general rule is that the man provides the pressure and the woman takes charge of the movement.
  2. Adjust positions to create better angles. For maximum pleasure, the penis should touch the 1 o’clock spot.
  3. Adjust positions to create better pressure. For maximum pleasure, the point of friction should be between the man’s pelvic bone and the woman’s clitoris, not the penis and vagina. 
  4. Experiment with penetration depth and rhythm. It’s uncomfortable for women when the penis hits the cervix. To avoid this, the man can aim his penis at ten or two o’clock.


Men’s testosterone levels have a huge impact on their sex appeal and libido. There are two protocols to increase testosterone and have better sex in The 4-Hour Body:

  1. Long-term protocol. Take or eat foods rich in D (improves strength and performance), A (increases testosterone levels), and K(2) (strengthens the effects of vitamin D and A and helps prevent toxicity). If you’re deficient in selenium, also eat Brazil nuts. Additionally, take two 10-minute cold showers or ice baths a day (the area of the brain that’s stimulated by cold exposure is the same area that produces hormones that trigger testosterone production).
  2. Short-term protocol. The day before sex, eat 800 mg of cholesterol. Four hours before sex, eat 20 almonds (high in vitamin E, which may increase testosterone production), 4 Brazil nuts, and vitamins A, D, and K(2).

Like testosterone, sperm count is an important measure of men’s sexual health. An easy way to increase it is to stop carrying your cell phone in your pocket. Studies have shown that the radio frequency electro-magnetic fields (RF-EMF) produced by cell phones decrease serum testosterone and motile sperm in rats. The author found that the RF-EMF decreased his sperm count too.

4-Hour Body Sex Tips for Women and Men

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