A business woman displaying why resilience is important by doing a superhero pose in front of a city skyline.

Why is resilience important for success? How should you teach children about building resilience?

In an episode of Wiser Than Me, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Diane von Fürstenberg break down why resilience will be your best friend on your success journey. However, it’s not only adults who need to build resilience—children also need to be taught how to bounce back.

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Why Self-Resilience Is the Secret to Success

Fürstenberg’s story of manifesting a strong character amidst adversities like the unexpected fame she experienced talks about resilience. Her tale is one of using her resources, experiences, and voice for the betterment of society. This she highlights as being a significant pillar of her self-reliance. 

Fürstenberg views each phase of life differently, describing her current life phase as “winter.” In this phase, she stresses the importance of holding on to and sharing the ‘light. She emphasizes this, particularly during times when the world appears bleak and corrupt.

Instilling Resilience in the Next Generation

To exemplify why resilience is important, Fürstenberg discusses her brush with cancer and the proactive approach she took during this time. Her resilient traits played a significant role in this journey and she shares these insights openly with her children.

Additionally, she takes time to remember her close friend André Leon Talley. Diane perceives his passing as a poignant reminder of life’s “evolution,” not “ending.”

This perspective deeply reflects her resilience and her views on handling loss, insights that could indirectly aid in parenting and instilling resilience in the younger generation.


Resilience, a concept central to this podcast episode, refers to the ability to bounce back from challenges and adapt to difficult circumstances. It involves having a strong character, resourcefulness, and the perseverance to overcome obstacles. The podcast explores themes of resilience, self-reliance, and parenting. Self-reliance refers to the ability to rely on oneself and one’s own resources, experiences, and abilities. Parenting is the process of raising and nurturing children.

While there is no specific historical context or recent events mentioned in the podcast, related topics such as personal growth, mental toughness, and coping mechanisms can be compared to resilience. Additionally, exploring different strategies for building resilience or examining the role of community support in fostering resilience could be interesting avenues for further consideration.

An alternative angle on this topic could involve discussing the limitations or challenges of relying solely on self-reliance and resilience. It would emphasize the importance of seeking help and support from others when facing adversity.

Why Resilience Is Important for a Successful Life and Career

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