Jen Psaki pointing at journalists raising hands in the White House briefing room.

Who is Jen Psaki? What does the White House Press Secretary do?

On an episode of Smartless, Jen Psaki talks about her career from White House Press Secretary to working in television. She also discusses what inspired her to pursue a career in political communication.

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Jen Psaki’s Career From White House to Media

Who is Jen Psaki? Jennifer Psaki, a prominent American political figure and media professional, has made significant transitions in her career. She served as the White House Press Secretary and later ventured into the media industry. The role of White House Press Secretary involves effectively communicating government policies and positions to the media and the public. Psaki’s transition from this high-profile position to working in television reflects a broader theme of career change. The podcast highlights the challenges she faced in adapting to her new role and emphasizes her interest in compelling storytelling and effective communication.

With Psaki’s entrance, she immediately dives into the discussion, detailing the pressures of working within both the political sphere and the media. Her transition from the demanding role of White House Press Secretary to a media professional is marked by a notable change in pace, encompassing show planning and guest selection.

Psaki reflects on her childhood inspiration from watching Barbara Walters on “20/20” and her aspiration to be involved in compelling storytelling. In her current television show, she focuses on delving into the lives and thoughts of fascinating guests, aiming to uncover different perspectives and facilitating a deeper understanding for viewers, which echoes her early media aspirations.

The Role of a Press Secretary

During her tenure as press secretary, Psaki navigated complex challenges, including responding to provocative briefing questions and detailing government policies with clarity. She shares a critical moment of self-reflection about a time when she made a dismissive remark about COVID test shortages during a high-pressure situation. This contrasted sharply with her typically measured responses, and it led to a tangible action: the creation of a test distribution website.

Psaki elaborates on her role, explaining the requirement to carefully communicate both the President’s personal opinions and the broader policies of the U.S. government, tasks that demanded a high level of communication skill and political acumen.

Psaki’s Post-Presidential Profession

The former press secretary shares how she acclimated to a new rhythm away from the constant buzz of the White House, swapping the immediacy of top-tier official updates for the insight-driven perspective of media work. Throughout, Psaki conveys her nostalgia for direct White House information access. 

A playful interlude reveals a personal glimpse into the group’s dynamic, discussing the comfort of a member who had just returned from the gym, showing the blending of personal life within their professional discussions.

Who Is Jen Psaki? The Former Press Secretary Opens Up

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