Surrender to The Universe: Jen Sincero’s Advice

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Do you want to know how to surrender to The Universe? Did you know you can manifest your desires and create a new reality if you learn how to let go and let The Universe do its job?

When you are in a state of surrender, you believe everything you desire—and even things beyond your wildest dreams—already exists. Learning to surrender to The Universe not only creates the space to manifest your desires, but also opens you up to things outside of your own realm of imagination.

Keep reading for tips on how to surrender to The Universe.

Surrender to The Universe

Sometimes we want something so badly and work tirelessly to achieve it, but end up pushing it away because we’re afraid. We try to control our circumstances via our old patterns and limiting beliefs. We try to take charge, which is fear-based thinking.

The answer is to surrender to The Universe, allowing The Universe to do its job. Allowing is love-based thinking. Surrendering isn’t letting go or giving up; it’s releasing the outcome to The Universe and having faith that our deepest desires are coming into our lives.

It’s like hiring a cleaning person. You instruct them but then leave them alone, trusting they’ll do the job. If you hover and try to do it yourself, you stop yourself from reaping the benefits that inspired you to hire them in the first place.

Since energy needs to flow or else stagnate, surrendering puts you in the flow. Surrendering not only creates the space to manifest your desires, but opens you up to things outside of your own realm of imagination.

Since you’ve never seen your new reality, you may not know exactly what it will look like. Maybe it will look exactly as you pictured it. Maybe it’s so awesome you couldn’t have conceived of it. Don’t hold on to the exact vision of what you want; instead be open to something even better.

Jen Sincero’s Mastering of Surrender

You Are a Badass author Jen Sincero recounts an experience where she had to remind herself that the key is to surrender to The Universe, and it’s important to keep the faith no matter what.

At the time this book was coming due to her publisher, she was living nowhere in particular; traveling the world, living life on her own terms, and having unshakable faith in the not-yet seen. Her “go with the flow” mindset worked great; an apartment in Tokyo came up for rent when she decided to visit the city, a Spanish house with friends came available out of the blue when she was in Spain, and she kept crossing paths with friends in distant parts of the world. All of these things were evidence that The Universe was giving her exactly what she needed.

Still, with a month left before her book was due and finding herself in need of a place to stay on the West coast, she panicked a little. She envisioned a beautiful, sunny house where she’d finish her book, but nothing was available and her emails and text inquiries yielded no offers.

Instead of having faith in The Universe, she felt like she’d blown it and resigned herself to living with her mom. But she caught herself; she was writing a book about not going through life fearful and small-minded, and here she was doing the exact same thing. She got a grip, calmly envisioned her ideal writing space and really felt it in her bones. Sincero surrendered to The Universe and even celebrated the house that was sure to land in her lap.

She sent out one more mass email to ask if anyone knew of a great place, and a friend emailed back that she knew of the perfect situation. Sincero ended up in a big, beautiful house in a great location near friends to finish her book.

How to Surrender To The Universe

When you are in a state of surrender, you believe everything you desire — and even things beyond your wildest dreams — already exists. Here’s a quick breakdown of how to surrender to The Universe:

  • Be clear on what you want to manifest.
  • Really see it and feel it; fall in love with it.
  • Decide you will have it.
  • Act and think as if you already have it; this informs the universe of your intention.
  • Meditate, hone your intuition and connect with Source Energy.
  • Take action urgently and joyfully.
  • Be grateful.
  • Breathe. Let it go and let it in.

Surrender to The Universe: Jen Sincero’s Advice

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