Simple Self-Care Ideas for Men: Mind, Body, and Spirit

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What are some easy self-care ideas for men? What are the benefits of taking the time to look after yourself?

Taking good care of yourself is necessary for good mental health and healthy self-esteem. Self-care can be as simple as drinking more water throughout your day or as elaborate as taking a dream vacation—but if you’re looking for some more ideas, this article can help.

Keep reading for the best self-care ideas for men.

Self-Care for Men Made Easy

Someone who doubts their self-worth will rarely do nice things for themselves. But taking good care of yourself is necessary to assert your value. Additionally, spending time with yourself gives you the opportunity to reflect on your wants, needs, feelings, and general life direction. Most importantly you make the decisions during this me-time. Ask yourself what care you need (or even want) in the moment. Our self-care ideas for men list is a great place to start if you want to look after yourself.

If you have low self-esteem, two dissonant ideas come together when you start caring for yourself:

  • “I’m valuable.” (Asserted by the act of self-care)
  • “I’m worthless.” (Asserted by old self-limiting beliefs)

But like anything, self-care is a matter of practice. The more you do it, the more often the little voice that says “You’re worth it!” will win out. 

Making Time for Self-Care

A common myth about self-care is that we just don’t have time for it. But with your self-worth and well-being at stake, self-care should be a priority rather than a luxury.

Here are some tips for working regular self-care into your daily schedule:

Simple Self-Care Ideas for Men

Embracing and caring for the power of your mind, body, and spirit doesn’t need to be difficult. Here are a few helpful self-care ideas for men:

Mind: Read a book, keep a journal, dive into a hobby, declutter your space, take a mental health day

Body: Eat healthy foods, get a good night’s sleep, get a massage, cut down on intoxicants, go to the doctor or dentist, drink more water

Spirit: Spend time with friends, treat yourself to a gift, enjoy music, relax (in nature, in the bath—whatever you need) 

Simple Self-Care Ideas for Men: Mind, Body, and Spirit

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