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What are some of the current problems in the entertainment industry? How hard is it to form a lasting legacy in show business?

In a recent Smartless episode, hosts Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, and Sean Hayes talked with Kevin Hart about the unique challenges they’ve faced in their careers. While these obstacles were different, they highlight the difficulties of breaking into the entertainment industry and staying relevant.

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Challenges and Relatable Moments in Show Business

As the conversation unfolded, the hosts recounted moments that underscored the early challenges of their careers and the problems in the entertainment industry. Sean Hayes narrated a tale from when frugality was necessary, sharing a humorous yet self-conscious episode where he attempted to duck out early from a dinner to stop the Will and Grace cast from seeing his battered Toyota Corolla, only for the valet to inadvertently reveal its poor condition. Hayes also disclosed an instance of financial hardship, having had to part with a Porsche, a gift from producers, just to cover his rent; an anecdote illuminating the pragmatic struggles that often precede success in acting.

Will Arnett chimed in with a visual and amusing anecdote about his travel to LA in a rust-riddled Volvo station wagon, a vehicle he jestingly likened to one that the Flintstones might drive.

The hosts also delved into personal details such as their unconventional sleeping arrangements while traveling, poking fun at Jason Bateman’s airplane sleep positions and recalling Justin Theroux’s peculiar travel habits, reflecting the amiable nature of their shared experiences.

Acclaiming Kevin Hart’s Influential Career

Segueing into a more focused discussion, they welcomed guest Kevin Hart, converging on his formidable career and generosity with fellow artists. Will Arnett expressed his admiration for Hart’s humility and authenticity, noting that despite Hart’s towering success, he remains as grounded as ever.

Hart illustrated the contrast in career approaches between himself and Dwayne Johnson, with Johnson as the more stable, business-oriented partner, and Hart diving into the realms of live entertainment and audience interaction, echoing the energy Johnson once brought to wrestling.

In a candid exchange, Hart confessed his greatest fear of not fulfilling his potential to establish a lasting financial legacy and to pave new pathways for himself and his community. The conversation also highlighted Hart’s shift from being talent for hire to taking on greater autonomy and executive influence in his projects, underscoring his dedication to empowering emergent talents in showbiz.


SmartLess is a popular podcast hosted by actors Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, and Sean Hayes. The podcast, which premiered in July 2020, features the three hosts engaging in conversations with various guests from the entertainment industry. Each episode begins with one of the hosts revealing a mystery guest to the other two, creating an element of surprise and anticipation. The camaraderie between the hosts and their guests is a key theme throughout the show, as it helps to create a relaxed and authentic atmosphere for meaningful conversations.

The podcast explores several underlying themes related to the entertainment industry. One such theme is the challenges and struggles faced by actors in their early careers. As successful actors themselves, Arnett, Bateman, and Hayes can relate to these experiences and provide insights into navigating obstacles on the path to success. Another important theme is humility and authenticity. The hosts’ down-to-earth approach allows for genuine connections with their guests and fosters relatability for listeners.

The Problems in the Entertainment Industry (Smartless)

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