The Best Mark Manson Quotes From Models

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Are you looking for Mark Manson’s quotes from his book Models? What are some of the most noteworthy passages worth revisiting?

Known for books like The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck, Manson initially gained the attention of other men due to his success in seducing women using traditional pick-up techniques. Over time, however, Manson grew dissatisfied with conventional pick-up techniques, and he wrote Models to help men attract and have sex with women through honesty.

Keep reading for Mark Manson’s quotes from Models: Attract Women Through Honesty.

Models: Attract Women Through Honesty

In Models, Mark Manson argues that the key to attracting women lies in “non-neediness,” or inner confidence. Women desire a man whose sense of self-worth depends on how he judges himself rather than how others judge him. 

Below is a selection of Mark Manson’s quotes highlighting the book’s key ideas.

“Intentions are always speaking ten times louder than your actual words. What are they saying?”

Manson explains that, to judge your confidence, women decide whether you’re expressing vulnerability—which they do by reading your “intentions,” or objective. If your objective matches your behavior, she’ll trust you when you convey your attraction to her and so will be willing to explore it.

But if your objective doesn’t match your behavior, she’ll notice this mismatch and grow distrustful of you—so when you convey your attraction to her, she’ll feel unsafe and want to leave. Therefore, if you try to communicate vulnerability—but your true objective is to sleep with her—you’ll turn her off.

“The first step to being more attractive is to see rejection as a means to eliminate women who won’t make you happy from your life. It’s a blessing, not a curse.”

According to Manson, you should view rejection as benefit: If one woman rejects you, it only means they wouldn’t have been a good match, and you now have the chance to find someone who is. 

Furthermore, when you don’t fear rejection, you’re more willing to “polarize,” or push women into deciding how they feel about you, which Manson argues is the key to male dating strategy. You’ll inevitably encounter some women who are clearly disinterested (whom you should ignore) and some who clearly desire you (whom you should approach).

“Non-neediness is when a man places a higher priority on his own perception of himself than the perceptions of others. A non-needy man’s actions and words will therefore be primarily motivated by embodying his own values and desires.”

According to Mark Manson, “non-neediness” is the key to getting women fall for you. You embody non-neediness when you judge your self-worth based on how you feel about yourself as opposed to what other people think of you.

Manson emphasizes that non-neediness doesn’t mean that you totally disregard others’ judgments. Rather, it means that you care more about your own opinion than that of others. When dating, this manifests in a willingness to adjust your behavior as much as the woman does—but no more. You’re focused on how you feel about a woman, so you’re not willing to change your behavior excessively to accommodate her. In contrast, an unconfident man bends over backward for the woman he desires because he needs her approval in order to feel good about himself. 

The Best Mark Manson Quotes From Models

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