The Juggler PUA Strategy Was to Be Bold and Brazen

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Who is Juggler in the PUA community, and how did he know Neil Strauss?

Juggler the PUA was a top PUA guru . Read about how Juggler the PUA knew Neil Strauss, and how he developed his pickup artist strategy.

Juggler: Make Yourself Stand Out

The seduction community had several pickup gurus, each pedaling a different seduction strategy. For example, Ross Jeffries’s Speed Seduction was based on subliminal messaging through sequences of scripted lines, while David DeAngelo’s Double Your Dating strategy used a hybrid of arrogance and humor, called cocky funny.

The gurus competed for disciples, discrediting each other in the process. However, most men in the seduction community didn’t want to commit to just one guru—like Style, they wanted to pick up as many strategies from as many sources as they could. 

Juggler PUA Strategy: Be Bold

The first PUA Style contacted was Juggler. Juggler was one of the pickup artists whose methods were different than other PUAs.   

Juggler the PUA advocated tactics that were bold and unorthodox. For example, he told his students to get over their fear of picking up women by calling random numbers from the phone book and asking for movie recommendations, or by convincing a homeless person to give them a quarter. Juggler, unlike other pickup artists, also encouraged PUAs-in-training to make their pickups more challenging by telling women that they worked as garbage men or drove old cars.

Style attended one of Juggler’s free workshops in San Francisco.

Before Style reached out, Juggler the PUA already knew of Style from seeing his posts in the online seduction community. When they met, Juggler was impressed by Style’s innate likability, eloquence, and ability to put people at ease.

When Juggler saw Style in action, he admired Style’s skill at using seduction techniques. Combined with Style’s unassuming appearance, Juggler mused that Style could be an ideal sidekick for a rising seduction guru. 

Juggler the PUA could see that Style was lacking confidence, but that self-doubt disappeared when Style was sarging (picking up women). 

Juggler’s Background

Growing up, Juggler knew nothing about the world of pickup artists. He loved taking things apart—from toys to home appliances. As he got older, Juggler remained curious about how things worked, but his focus changed from appliances to human interaction. 

Juggler became a street performer, juggler, and comedian. In these roles, he studied social dynamics and, consequently, improved his game with women. By 23, he’d had sex with just one woman, but by 28, he could pick up any woman. 

Juggler felt like he’d found his tribe when he discovered the online seduction community, because the game was based on the knowledge and strengths he’d developed. Finally, Juggler became a PUA.

Style’s Takeaways

Style’s time with the gurus had taught him about hypnosis, cocky funny, and sheer brazenness. 

He also picked up some universal lessons, which would serve him in the world beyond seduction: 

  • When you approach someone, your opening line isn’t as important as you think. How you start the conversation is less important than where you take it.
  • There’s a misconception that asking a lot of questions during conversation shows interest—but it comes off more as interrogation.
  • In contrast, making statements in a conversation is a confident and intimate way of talking. Old friends speak in statements, because they allow each other to offer information through their own sharing. 
  • Talking fast indicates a lack of confidence. If you’re talking fast, you’re trying to fit everything in as quickly as you can because you may be worried that people aren’t interested, or you can’t bear to leave out any details. 

Style felt he’d met enough gurus. He’d picked up plenty of philosophies and strategies—now he simply needed to practice using them. 

Juggler the PUA was a top pickup artist in the community. Juggler was a PUA that worked on developing confidence in addition to his PUA method.

The Juggler PUA Strategy Was to Be Bold and Brazen

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