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What are the best tips for journalism interviewing? How important is it to maintain professional standards during these types of interviews?

As a journalist, interviewing is part of the job. No matter what type of people you’re meeting for a new story, you need to uphold a certain level of professionalism by treating everyone with respect.

Here are the interviewing tips Pierce Simpson has compiled from his experience working at Complex News, according to the You Should Know Podcast.

Career-Defining Interviews and Experiences

Aside from regular duties, Simpson recollects several remarkable experiences from his career. Among them, receiving guidance from a colleague named Sean to improve his journalism interviewing skills, and moderating a panel discussion with attendees like Kevin Hart and other influential people were the start of establishing his place in the industry.

One memorable experience was a 2016 episode where he moderated a panel discussion with comedian Kevin Hart and some other influential people. Despite feeling intimidated as he was fairly new to his job, Simpson faced the challenge head-on, which boosted his confidence.

Moreover, he shares his experience of interviewing Floyd Mayweather and his mixed feelings about Mayweather’s then-upcoming fight with Logan Paul.

Maintaining Professional Standards: The Simpson Approach

Stressing on Simpson’s approach to interviewing, he underlines treating all interviews, public or private, with equal fervor and respect. This principle elevates professional standards. 

This approach, Simpson believes, doesn’t only raise the bar but also reflects respect for the work other interviewers do at Complex News. He clarifies that his relationship with Dwayne Wade, though not personal, is grounded in professional respect.


In the media industry, maintaining professional standards and treating all guests with respect during interviews are crucial aspects. This is particularly evident in the career of Simpson, a prominent figure in the field. To fully grasp the significance of an article discussing these themes, it is helpful to have background knowledge about interviewing in the media industry and Simpson’s work at Complex News.

Complex News is a media platform that covers news, interviews, and features related to music, entertainment, and pop culture. Simpson has conducted numerous interviews with celebrities and influential figures throughout his career. One notable event mentioned in the article is a 2016 panel discussion moderated by Simpson that featured comedian Kevin Hart and other influential individuals. Additionally, Simpson’s interview with Floyd Mayweather is highlighted, where he expressed mixed feelings about Mayweather’s upcoming fight with Logan Paul.

The underlying themes explored in this article revolve around treating all guests with respect during interviews and maintaining professional standards within the media industry. These themes highlight the importance of ethical conduct for interviewers as they engage with their subjects. By adhering to these principles, interviewers can foster an environment that promotes open dialogue while ensuring fairness and integrity.

Journalism Interviewing: How Pierce Simpson Mastered It

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